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Ask An Expert: Even More To Learn About Kansas State The Last Game EVER!


Just when you thought you knew everything about the Kansas State Wildcats in preparation for the Nebraska game, Corn Nation delivers more more more! Whoooeee!!!!!

Burnt Orange: The Revenge


Nebraska unveils a secret weapon against Texas. Who is that unknown man that can help?

Enjoying the Demise Of Colorado Head Coach Dan Hawkins


Despite being a rapid Husker fan, I take no joy in the demise of Dan Hawkins at Colorado. Here's why.

A Random Q&A About Kansas State Determines I Don't Miss The Hate THAT Much!


What's the current state of affairs at Kansas State? Has Bill Snyder really performed a miracle, or did Ron Prince leave him tools to work with?

Kansas State Owes Ron Prince Even More


ESPN.com's Tim Griffin reports that former KSU athletic director Bob Krause gave Ron Prince a contract extension last year that guarantees that a Prince company would secretly be paid $3.2 million between 2015 and 2020. That's in addition to the severance he already was going to receive. More from Bring On the Cats.

Nebraska vs. Kansas State: Josh Freeman - The Kind Of Guy I Can Root For


A Nebraska fan finds something in Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman that he can admire - his skills and his ability to lose to the Cornhuskers.

Nebraska vs. Kansas State - Blogger Q&A With Bring on the Cats


Up next - Kansas State for this week's Blogger Q&A. This week we're joining TB who runs the Kansas State blog Bring on the Cats. Instead of asking a series of questions, I threw a series of...

Sources: Ron Prince to resign at Kansas State


Ron Prince to resign at Kansas State (HT: Bring on the Cats). Not all that shocking, I guess. BOTC earlier had posted an open letter from a walk-on quarterback stating that it was time for Prince to go. K-State is in disarray right now, lost like we were last year. I know I should be happy that they're struggling but I'm not so much someone who kicks someone when they're down. I'd rather they were good and we were kicking them when they're up!

Worst of the Big 12 - The Big 12 "Cob of the Week"


A little late with this week's "Cob of the Week" awards, but at least no one's playing on Wednesday this week. This week, we're all over the place -  a backup quarterback, an athletic director, and...

Corn Flakes - Support The Boystown Athletic Department Version


Husker Mike continues to provide the best coverage around regarding the Omaha Ball Park issue. Looks like everything is level, man, full steam ahead! Cody Glenn is considering a switch to...

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