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What's The Best Husker Football Book You Can Buy?

Kenneth Jarecke's Husker Gameday 2010 - Farewell Big 12 is beyond phenomenal.

Review: The Big Scrum - How Teddy Roosevelt Saved Football

The early days of football were marked by brutality as several young men died playing the sport. A group rose up to abolish the game. This book tells the story of how Teddy Roosevelt saved the game of football.

Book Review: Death to the BCS

"Death to the BCS" provides college football fans with a through expose of the bowl system, but struggles to fully explain why the big conference commissioners still push the BCS system, except because they can. Or maybe it's because while they don't get the additional revenue of a playoff, they keep much more of that smaller pie.

Book Review - Scorecasting: The Hidden Influences Behind How Sports Are Played And Games Are Won

Scorecasting is an excellent book that challenges most of what you've always held to be true in sports.

Review: 1959 Nebraska Oklahoma Game DVD - The Greatest Upset In Nebraska History

A review of a DVD available of the 1959 Nebraska - Oklahoma game - a great stocking stuff just in time for Christmas (and the last Big 12 Championship game)!

Review: More Than Winning - The Story of Tom Osborne

Tom Osborne's book "More Than Winning" was re-released by University of Nebraska press. It provides an excellent window into Osborne's life and Nebraska football from the period of 1979-1983.

Review: Draft Season - Four Months on the Clock (What It's Like Preparing for the NFL Draft)

Book Review: Draft Season - Four Months on the Clock - Author Bobby Deren gives us a look into four players' preparation for the 2009 NFL draft. Florida Atlantic linebacker Frantz Joseph, Michigan cornerback Morgan Trent, South Carolina wide receiver Kenny McKinley and Nebraska offensive tackle Lydon Murtha reveal what they went through in their attempt to get drafted. Great read.

Review: The Pro Football Historical Abstract (And A Look At Football Statistics)

Book Review: Sean Lahman's Pro Football Abstract, and how his statistical formulas might be used to analyze college football players across generations.

Review: Nebraska Football Vault by Mike Babcock

Review of "The Nebraska Football Vault" - a unique book about Nebraska Cornhusker football history, complete with reproductions of paraphernalia.

Review: The College Football Book By Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated has just released "The College Football Book", a coffee table book measuring 12" by 10.5" that contains tons of great photography, interspersed with facts about college football...

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