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Predictions for NU/Iowa and Other Week 14 Games

The CN team takes their best guesses as to what will happen this weekend in college football. And even before we got these posted, some of us are looking mightily foolish!

Weekly Predictions- Week 2 and UCLA game

New Corn Nation: Week 2's predictions for the week in College Football

CornNation Roundtable: Our Season Predictions

The gang at CornNation put on our Carnac hat and divined the answers to the most pressing questions for the 2012 football season.

Week 11 College Football Predictions

As the weather turns towards winter, we still have three more weeks in the regular season. Some teams wish it were already over; others may have already thrown in the towel.  Heck some of  us...

College Football Week 9 Predictions

Can you believe that we're about ready to turn the calendar to the last full month of the college football season? My how the time has passed.  Another week of some less-than-scintillating...

Why They Won't Win the Big 12 North - A Focus on Weaknesses

A look at the weaknesses of each Big 12 North team - and why those weaknesses will prevent teams from winning it.

OWH: Lee Barfknecht Predicts the Big XII in 2009

Lee Barfknecht of the Omaha World-Herald put together a post-spring prediction (warning: PDF file) of how the Big XII will shake out in 2009: North Kansas Nebraska Missouri Colorado Iowa...

Why They Will Win the Big 12 North - A Focus On Strengths

Why They'll Win the Big 12 North - A Focus on the strengths of each team in the Big 12 North and why that would allow them to win the conference division.

Big 12 Roundtable - Preseason Edition

Holy cow, another roundtable! This one is just us Big 12 guys, hosted by Oklahoma's  Crimson and Cream Machine. There has been lots of talk this pre-season about scheduling. Colorado has arguably...

2007 Football Prediction Review Gives Me the Dry Heaves

2007 Husker Football Review..... the concept, the words, bring forth that stuff still coming up when you've thrown up everything else left in your stomach. The dry heaves leaves your body finding...

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