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Elvis Has Left the Building

On February 22, 2006, I published my first posting at SB Nation's new Georgia Bulldogs weblog, Dawg Sports. On February 22, 2013, I bring to a close seven wonderful years by publishing my last.

Corn Flakes Hacks The University of Nebraska Student Information System


The University of Nebraska has been hacked, Nick Sabans calls other people self-absorbed, and Ohio State has fans as crazy as anyone in the SEC. It's all good news today. woohooO!!!

Texas vs Oakland: A Chat With Peter Bean


I traded some e-mails today with Peter Bean on our upcoming game with Oakland and I thought y'all might enjoy reading them. Some interesting nuggets from Peter - for example, I had no idea about...

The House built on Sand


Most of us are probably eager to move on to basketball season after experienceing the pleasing aroma of Texas' 90-84 sacrifice compared to the burnt offering of baboon stool offered by Mack Brown...

Podcast #28: The One Where Peter Bean Talks Mack Brown and Rick Barnes


Our good buddy PB of BON swung by and shot the breeze today about Mack, Will, Greg, Rick, et al. Also, if you missed this the first time around, see it now. Hope you all enjoy it. Subscribe on i...

Peter Bean, For The Win


Choose Your Own Gameplan, Greg Davis style. This pulls the lever on clever. Page 14 and Page 20 made me laugh out loud. Fantastic job, Burnt Orange Nation. Some of my favorite Choose Your Own...

Podcast #5: The One Where Peter Bean Stops By And Discusses Moral Turpitude


We're happy PB could hang with and be harangued by us today on a FRI afternoon. He assures us these were NOT billable hours. iTunes link here or listen below. On to Lubbock. Powered by...

Muschampions Of Muleshoe


Things are quiet here at Barking Carnival headquarters this Friday afternoon. Most of the guys are in a Tote Bag-subcommittee design meeting. Two words: Ball Hawk Or is it one word? It's not in...

Welcome, Georgia Bulldogs Fans! This . . . Is Dawg Sports.


Dawg Sports brings you the latest in Georgia Bulldogs news, commentary, analysis, and discussion, at SB Nation, on podcasts, on Facebook, and on Twitter, so it's only right that the weblog should...

Canadian Content


Today we have Tristan Thompson, a new member of Canada Basketball, Leo Rautins and more in Canadian Content.

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