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Big 10 Presidents' Statements For Dummies


Basically it translates to, "Don't you dare touch our friggin' money!!" But we go into a little more detail.

Will the NCAA Change Enough to Hold off a Union?


While Northwestern's players vote to authorize a union, the NCAA will vote to grant the Big 5 conference schools the ability to provide athletes some of the money they help their schools generate....

Sami Spenner: Fighting NCAA Bureaucracy


UNO Maverick track athlete Sami Spenner is the number one pentathlete in the country, and number three currently in the world. However, with UNO's recent move from Division II to Division I, she is...

Huskers Beat Toreros, earn berth in Regional Final


The #8-seeded Husker Volleyball Team swept the #9-seeded San Diego Toreros and will face the #1-seed Texas Longhorns Saturday night at the Devaney Center. Texas beat the American Eagles 3-1.


Penn State Sanctions Reduced

http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/9716482/ncaa-reduce-penalties-penn-state-regarding-jerry-sandusky-child-sexual-abuse-matter Starting in the 2014-2015 year, Penn State is going to...

Memo to NCAA: Leave the Kids Alone


With legislation to strip a number of college football recruiting rules on the docket, NCAA members have some major questions to ask themselves before they vote.

NCAA to Announce "Unprecedented" Sanctions Against Penn State; Paterno Statue Removed


"Unprecedented" means almost surely massive scholarship reductions and a multi-year postseason ban that would effectively cripple Penn State for years to come.

No Sally, College Football Doesn't Need Reforming


Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post has her thoughts on reforming college football. The thoughts are misguided as she clearly doesn't understand the game, though she does have a couple of good ideas.

NCAA president Myles Brand says his cancer is advanced - NCAA Basketball - SI.com


Myles Brand's pancreatic cancer is stage four. Pancreatic cancer is particularly vile, the odds for beating it are low, and when it spreads beyond the pancreas, well..... it's most likely only a matter of time. Pancreatic cancer killed my father in 1974. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Please keep Myles Brand and his family in your prayers. They'll need them.

NCAA Signs 25 Year Contract to Keep College World Series in Omaha


In just thirteen months from concept to contract, the NCAA and the City of Omaha have reached an agreement to keep the College World Series in Omaha through 2035.   Stop and think about that...

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