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Texas A&M wants $20 million it was promised


You can make all the jokes you want about Guido and his brother working for Bill Byrne, and you can comment on the long-term stability of the Big 12, but what should stand out here is this: Dan Beebe blew a lot of smoke about bigger TV contracts and penalizing Nebraska and Colorado to benefit Texas, Oklahoma and Texas A&M. It’s about time someone called his bluff to make him show his cards. This isn’t about greed. This is about separating bullshit from reality.

Adventures of the Big 12: Twelve Angry Men


Other soon-to-be ex-brethren from Kansas State take some shots at Nebraska, but that's to be expected. Still funny stuff, recommended reading if you're getting tired of all the news.

Six Big 12 teams headed to the Pac-10?

Orangebloods.com, the Texas rivals site, is reporting this afternoon through anonymous sources that six Big 12 teams have been invited to join the Pac-10 -- Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Colorado. AARRRgghghAAAggghh... the bombs are falling! Either that, or I'm going to start quoting "anonymous sources" about Tom Osborne flying in a plane to a secret meeting with Jim Delany just to see how many other sites pick up on the story and run with it. Here's the thing - Chip Brown is reporting it, which is surprising because Brown isn't some fly by night guy. OTOH, it's hard to believe, partially because the implication is that Missouri would get invited to the Big 10 and we wouldn't (like someone would invite Missouri without thinking of us first?), and that Texas A&M would split up with Texas. The biggest reason to believe it's bullshit - there's too much information in here for one guy to know.

What are the Big 12 and PAC 10 talking about?


Since scenarios are the theme of the month, here's a scenario involving what might happen were the Big 12 and Pac 10 to form an alliance that involved a conference championship.

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