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Bowl FEPO: Part Three

Jon and Ahearn work their way through to the end of 2013, picking the eight bowls leading up to the ball dropping on Tuesday night.


A breakdown of the Big Ten's bowl affiliations, now and the in the near future.

Which Bowl Games Are B1G Enough?

With some of the Big Ten's bowl arrangements expiring, it's time to rethink some of those relationships. Time to get San Diego's Holiday Bowl on board, and dump bad games in Detroit and Dallas.

New Year's Eve Georgia Rivals Bowl Comment Thread

When the Clemson Tigers, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, LSU Tigers, and Vanderbilt Commodores are playing, fans of the Georgia Bulldogs have at least a passing interest in the games, if there's nothing else on, or anything. Join us at Dawg Sports!

2012 Pick 'Em Gauntlet: Bowls Part III

It's our weekly pick 'em contest. We're picking all 35 bowls We're only fourteen bowls in, so far. Fifteen more are up this week. This gets us through the January 1st bowls. I will post the final set of lines on Sunday for the last 6 bowls. Good luck

Another Look At The End Of Regulation

It all begins with the Todd Harrelson catch and unbelievably stupid penalty on UT's Janzen Jackson after he launched himself into Harrelson. The real comedy begins when John Shoop inexplicably...

Anthony Elzy Out For Bowl Game

Academic reasons. Usually when a player is lost for "academic reasons" after the semester is over it means they did not make the required grades or credit hours during the fall term. It is sort of...

UNC To Music City Bowl vs Tennessee

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Could this be a game against the very team who earlier this year decided to hand Dick Baddour a check for three quarters of a million dollar to not play UNC...

The Shotgun/Throwdown: Seton Hall Gameday (12/30/11) Edition

Mountaineer Morning Links - WVU lands in Miami, Seton Hall previews, bowl games, BE hoops and more

2011 College Football Bowl Pick'Em: Week 2

2011 College Football Bowl Pick'Em: Week 2

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