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Now this is a fun read...

Okay so I was bored at work today (not uncommon), and I spent some time over at "Rock M Nation", the SB nation fan site for Missouri.  Of course, everyone over there thinks Nebraska is majorly...

Nebraska @ Missouri Game Moved to Thursday, October 8th


ESPN has moved the Nebraska/Missouri football game to a Thursday night. Good news for TV...bad news for ticketholders.

2007 Football Prediction Review Gives Me the Dry Heaves


2007 Husker Football Review..... the concept, the words, bring forth that stuff still coming up when you've thrown up everything else left in your stomach. The dry heaves leaves your body finding...

Big 12 Championship: Mizzou Or Okies?


The Big 12 Championship is this evening and I'd like to encourage any Corn Nation fans to visit the SB Nation blogs for Oklahoma and Missouri.Oklahoma blog is Crimson and Cream Machine, Mizzou is...

Vs Mizzou: Rushing Three Did Not Kill Nebraska


Rushing three guys against Missouri didn't work, did it? It reminded me of the defenses I've seen here in Minnesota for the past 20 years - drop back and hope you can slow down the other offense...

Week 6 Husker Report Card: Missouri


The USC and Ball State report cards required signatures on the report card.  Last night's demolition by Missouri requires signatures on resignation letters.Offensive Line:  D-  No running room...

Mizzou - Nebraska Post Game Over Reaction


I suppose like most of you, I didn't get to watch the first 14 points. I was very upset, but little did I know that ESPN was saving me and my family a full hour of pain. Bill Callahan's offense...

Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Missouri Tigers Open Game Thread


Opponent: Missouri (4-0, 0-0 Big 12) Date: Saturday, Oct. 6, 2007 | 8:15 p.m. Listen:Huskers Sports Network | Sirius: 140 | Huskers.com TV: ESPN Stadium: Faurot Field (68,349), Columbia,...

Welcome Rock M Nation - Missouri Comes to SB Nation JIT


There was Mizzou Sanity and there was Every True Son. Now those two have combined forces and joined Sports Blog Nation to become "Rock M Nation". Pronounce that like "Rock Em Sock 'Em Robots". ...

Under the Hood: Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Missouri Tigers


It's the Big One! Nebraska versus Mizzou for the Big 12 North this weekend! At least that's what we were universally told at the beginning of the season, that the only two true contenders for the...

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