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Purify and Crouch Sign with Omaha Nighthawks

Maurice Purify and Eric Crouch have been signed to contracts to play for the Omaha Nighthawks this season, according to the Omaha World-Herald. Training camp for the UFL team begins this Friday.

Nate Swift - Quietly Becoming One of the Greatest Receivers in Husker History

Nate Swift is one of the quietest and most successful receivers in Husker History. He entered this season in fourth-place in all-time receptions with 103. He was at number three in career receiving...

Huskers in the 2008 NFL Draft

New Era Scouting has released a NFL draft guide that includes their own mock draft. Given all the talent that Bill Callahan was supposed to have brought in, there isn't a whole lot going on for the...

Corn Flakes - Is Bo Pelini "Hovering"?

Can Alex Gordon and Joba Chamberlain save baseball? It's probably a stretch since baseball seems to be doing fine, but as hometown heroes they can give hope to some fans. The Green Bay Packers are...

Nebraska NFL Pro Day - Winners, Whiners And Losers

Brian Christopherson from Husker Extra gives us a low down on Nebraska's NFL Pro Day, which was attended by a number of pro scouts. I'm sure the number of scouts was lower than it's been in past...

Corn Nation Offers Tips On Avoiding Stupidity (or how to not get arrested for failure to disperse)

No doubt you've heard the tale of Carl, Maurice, Ben, Nick, and Mike who got tickets for such things as "maintaining a disorderly house" and "being an inmate of a disorderly house", and minor in...

2007 - Good Bye And Good Riddance To A Sucky Year

2007, I take great pleasure in burying thee, you year of great suckage. If ever there is a time machine invented, you're one of the last dead years I'm coming back to see. It wasn't a great...

Morning Coffee - I Got Nothing

The football team doesn't make a bowl.  The volleyball team doesn't make the Final Four. The new coaching staff is not yet complete. Big 12 basketball season hasn't started yet - to this point the...

Big 12 Roundtable - The End Is Near

This week's Big 12 roundtable is being hosted by Texas blog Gabriel's Horn. Pretty appropriate title - The End Is Near. You suppose we'll see at least one guy dressed as an apocalyptic monk outside...

Morning Coffee Blahs - Desroy Texas!

The Cornhusker football team will go into Texas as a 21-point dog. When was the last time we gave up 21 points to anyone? I vividly the 17-point spread against Florida State in the '94 Orange...

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