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A Few Words with David Epstein


A discussion with Sports Illustrated's David Epstein, his new book 'The Sports Gene', and everything from Malcolm Gladwell, to the COMT gene, to explaining the rash of injuries in MMA.

K-State Slate: 5.9.12


The Slate is halfway there. Today, Bruce Weber announces Michael Orris, K-State pair named all-Big 12 tennis, Kansas Legislature to honor Bill Snyder, Tavarius Bender gets an early start on college...

The Debate: Should College Football Be Banned?


A debate about whether college football should be banned will take place tonight. We discuss the points raised as part of the debate and conclude....

Is the Georgia Bulldogs' Malcolm Mitchell the Greatest of All the Malcolms?


Georgia Bulldogs standout Malcolm Mitchell has been moved from wide receiver to cornerback for spring football practice. Dawg Sports wants to know whether Mitchell is the greatest of all the Malcolms.

'Psychic Benefits' and the NBA Lockout

"(T)he $90 million premium that the Warriors' new owners were willing to pay represents the psychic benefit of owning a sports team. If that seems like a lot, it shouldn't." Malcolm Gladwell explains why owning a basketball franchise has always been a bad business — and ought to stay that way

Even If NBA Teams Are Rich Men's Toys, Profitability Is A Reasonable Aim

Just because NBA owners treat their teams like vanity projects doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to profit off of them, too.

'Psychic Benefits' and the NBA Lockout


Malcolm Gladwell takes a look at the NBA lockout. Warning: I haven't read all of this, but it appears to be an interesting point of view. Also, this is a site that is set up by Bill Simmons. You've been warned.

Canada had a Championship


So, while I was sleeping, Canada had a national figure skating championship. I have not had a chance to try tofind any of the performances online, but below are the top finishers. Some big news...

Malcolm Gladwell on Concussions in Football


This is absolutely a MUST READ for any sports fan in the entire world. Gladwell eloquently ties together recent research, regarding brain trauma from football, with personal stories of former football players all the while keeping perspective on what the moral cost of football. Malcolm Gladwell, the author of the best sellers, The Tipping Point (2000), Blink (2005) and Outliers: The Story of Success (2008), is the science writer for the New Yorker.

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