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Pro sports are finally ready for a gay athlete


Baltimore Raven Brendon Ayanbadejo supports same-sex marriage I’ve heard from a lot of people surprised by Minnesota Viking punter Chris...

Kurt Warner hopes gays will be 'much more accepted' in the NFL


For the next two weeks we’re running a daily series of our conversations on the red carpet at the ESPYs. This is the fourth in the series. Kurt Warner was Tim Tebow before Tim Tebow. A devout...

Kurt Warner on gays: Love, but let God judge


Former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner has always been very public about his religion, citing God in virtually every interview. It's also a popular topic on his Twitter feed. His overt religiosity was...

More athletes are 'Dancing with the Stars'


Two-time NFL MVP Kurt Warner is one of the big names announced for the next season of Dancing with the Stars. Arizona Cardinals fans still holding out hope that Warner will come back to the team...

Brenda Warner's baaaaaack


During the St. Louis Rams' two runs to the Super Bowl, one wife somehow grabbed the attention of the TV cameras more than any in a long time. Kurt Warner's wife Brenda seemed to the Georgia...

Kurt Warner is worried you're going to hell.


A bunch of indy filmmakers have set out on a mission to show the mysteries and controversy behind the identity of God, as seen by our culture and society. The film is called God In The Box. One of...

Some Dude Compares Kurt Warner to Matt Cassel!


This is a must see! Absolutely riveting! What a fool! He actually compares Kurt Warner to Matt Cassel. I'm still in awe over this. http://chiefstomahawkchop.blogspot.com/2013/02/that-guy-said-kurt-warner-was-not-elite.html#more

Junior Seau's Suicide Begs: Will You Let Your Son Play Football?


Junior Seau's suicide has brought the focus of football back to whether the sport is worth playing or not. As a father of two sons, I can easily say "yes".

Kurt Warner Gives His Thoughts on Peyton Manning in Arizona


Former Cardinals QB Kurt Warner offers his thoughts on how he thinks Peyton Manning will fit in Arizona

The Kurt Warner effect felt in AZ & STL


Article chronicling Kurt Warner’s ability to immediately transform once dormant teams and what happens to these teams in the years after he leaves town. Includes video of Warner and his family leaving the AZ Cardinals complex on the day of his retirement announcement.

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