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Minnesota's Connor Cosgrove Diagnosed With Leukemia


Watching one of your kids fight cancer is something no one should have to do. I'm sure the Cosgrove family would appreciate any notes of encouragement, regardless of the fan base from which they come.

Profiles of the Big 10: Wisconsin


Were Nebraska to join the Big 10, what would Husker fans encounter in Wisconsin, the land of beer and cheese?

Profiles of the Big 10: Minnesota Golden Gophers


For Nebraska fans who wonder what it'd be like to join the Big 10, we provide a profile of the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Stewart Mandel: "Expectations May Be Too High in Nebraska"


Mandel correctly points out that NU only defeated one BCS conference opponent with a winning record last season...in the regular season. He also ignores the progress the defense (and in fact the entire program) from the start of last season to the end of the season. Mandel also makes the sin of confusing continued improvement to being on the "brink of returning to glory." Nebraska's not there, and winning the Big XII North doesn't mean "Nebraska's back" unless you lower your interpretation of what "glory" means for NU.the regular season. He ignores the progress during the season and how the defense improved from the start of the season to the end of the season. Of course, Mandel further hurts his credibility by talking to Minnesota co-defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove at the start of his column for insight on how to prepare for opponents. Unless by preparation, he means practicing defending extra points and returning kickoffs.

Kevin Cosgrove Says Little About Nebraska But Volumes About Himself


Kevin Cosgrove speaks little about his failures in Nebraska, but more about failures in himself.

Kevin Cosgrove is "Thrilled To Be Back in the Big Ten"!


Former Nebraska defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove has been hired by Minnesota.

Corn Flakes Follows Bill Callahan and Kevin Cosgrove Around To See Whose Brains They’re Eating Next


Ex-Nebraska coaches Kevin Cosgrove and Bill Callahan will find coaching jobs wherever they go. They cannot be stopped.

Kevin Cosgrove Destroys Nebraska


I had a dream last night that Kevin Cosgrove was the defensive coordinator for the Patriots. He was doing double duty as the DC for Nebraska and the Pats.The Patriots were fine until they got to...

Kevin Cosgrove to Minnesota?


Kevin Cosgrove might yet find gainful employment as a defensive coordinator, as reported by Chip Scoggins of the Minneapolis Star Tribune this morning: One name that could possibly emerge is...

2007 - Good Bye And Good Riddance To A Sucky Year


2007, I take great pleasure in burying thee, you year of great suckage. If ever there is a time machine invented, you're one of the last dead years I'm coming back to see. It wasn't a great...

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