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Week 11 Husker Report Card: Kansas State


OK, raise your hand.  How many of you predicted a Husker blowout of Kansas State.  Yeah right.  Liars... :-)Kind of felt good, didn't it, though?Offensive Line:  A- Good pass protection all day;...

Nebraska - Better than Kansas (And The Rest of the Big 12!)


I noticed our buddy TB over at KSU Blog Bring on the Cats was congratulatin' hisself about Kansas being one of the 10 healthiest states in the nation. Nebraska's State Seal. Is that Tom...

It's K-State Week - Time To Stop the Self-Loathing


It's time to stop beating ourselves over the head. We have two rivalry games left and whether or not we win, lose, or stink up the place, I'd rather be a Husker than from KSU or Colorado! Don't...

Volleyball: Kansas State Takes Two Then Nebraska Fights Back


Nebraska lost the first two games, 24-30, 27-30, then took the next two 30-25, 30-19. Kansas State was never in game five, which Nebraska won 15-8. I didn't see the first two games, but pulled up...

Husker Volleyball vs Kansas State


The #1-Ranked Husker women's volleyball team will take on the #17 ranked Kansas State Wildcats in Lincoln this evening at 7:00 pm CST.This one will be televised: Television:  Live on NET (Ch. 12,...

Corns of the Big 12: Kansas State


Most college fans around the nation see Colorado as Nebraska's greatest rival these days, but I'm not so sure it's not Kansas State. There's something irritating about the Wildcats. Maybe it was...

Loss to Kansas State - Ejections Galore and Bad Officiating


Nebraska lost to Kansas State last night 5-1. It was a poorly played game on Nebraska's part with five errors. If there weren't enough the game was filled with controversy. Unfortunately, the...

Up Next - Kansas State And Mike Anderson on Faith in this Husker team


The Huskers get Kansas State tonight at 7:30 pm. There's a love affair going on between Bricktown Ballpark and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. As of the Texas A&M win, the Huskers are 28-8 all-time at...

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