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Damn You Kansas

What did we ever do to you? We didn't come across your border, burn down a town and kill all the people in it, did we?Yet here we are, you kicking our ass in both major sports on a perennial basis....

Kansas: Not A Valid Measuring Stick

Earlier I thought that the KU game would be a great measuring stick for the Husker hoopsters. I was wrong. After watching the game, I'm not sure if it mattered how far the talent gap had closed...

Nebraska Basketball: Here Comes #3 Kansas And That Rock Chalk Talk!

Nebraska men's basketball opens Big 12 conference play against the Kansas Jayhawks this Saturday night at 8:00 pm CST at Devaney. The game is sold out, it's on ESPN, and it's a chance for 2nd year...

Week 10 Husker Report Card: Kansas

Last week, I was accused of sucking up to Bill Callahan and Kevin Cosgrove.  I assure you, that won't happen this week...Offensive Line:  B Did you see the tackle Carl Nicks made?  Best...

Nebraska vs Kansas Game Day Thread

Opponent: Kansas (8-0, 4-0 Big 12) Date: Saturday, November 3rd, 2007  11:30 AMListen:Huskers Sports NetworkTV: FSN - NationalStadium: Memorial Stadium  (50,071),  Lawrence, KSOpponent's Blogs:R...

Answers About KU Football From Rock Chalk Talk

We're a little late with some of our content, but (cliche!) better late than never. We're trading some questions with Cory over at the KU blog Rock Chalk Talk.His first answer I think is right on....

Nebraska vs The Kansas Gelatinous Cube

Maginicube. Very Dangerous. Not transparent at all. Away with normalities. Due to the irregular state of Nebraska football, we have dispensed with the normal "Bill Callahan Keys to Victory"....

Happy Halloween - There's Nothing Scary Here

Happy Halloween! I generally stand outside my house yelling at children. The only ones that get candy are the ones that aren't too terrified to come and get it. I find it leaves more for me.Oh, and...

Corns Of the Big 12: Kansas

Kansas, the Land of Oz, the Sunflower State, and a great progressive rock band in the '70's (you know you loved "Carry On Wayward Son").People who travel through Nebraska travel down I-80 and the...

Nebraska vs Kansas - Final Big 12 Series of 2007

The Huskers will play their first road game in over a month when they travel to Lawrence this weekend to take on the Kansas Jayhawks. Nebraska needs to win the series to maintain a record above...

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