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Will the B1G Baseball Tourney Return to Omaha?


The huge turnout has caught the Big Ten's interest, and is forcing the Big Ten to rethink future plans for the baseball tournament. It'll undoubtedly return to Omaha. But probably not on an annual...

Jim Delany threw down the D-III threat.


Are there any teeth to Big Jim's latest threat? Is some sort of pay scale coming sooner rather than later? And does understanding Roman numerals still make Ohio St. fans dizzy and nauseous?

Big Ten to spot Minnesota 14 points this weekend


Nebraska spotting Minnesota 14 points could make things interesting in Lincoln this weekend.

Big Ten Media Days - Schedule of Events And Thread


The 2012 Big Ten Media Days kick off today. Here's today's schedule. Coaches press conferences wlll be shown live on BTN and streamed on BTN2GO. WoohoO!!!!!

Stony Brook Advances to College World Series: Big Ten Baseball Excuses Fall Limp?


The Big Ten seems have a lot of excuses about why they can't complete in baseball. Does the success of Stony Brook and the potential of Kent State make them look silly?

Bowls Out of The Loop in Football Postseason Discussions


Bowl executives are uninvolved with the future of the BCS...that could be the biggest sign that a playoff is coming.

Corn Flakes Relegates The Rose Bowl To HELL


There will be no college football playoff system that doesn't include the current bowl system because of the Rose Bowl. I hate the Rose Bowl more than ever. Oh, and relegation.

Big Ten Baseball: Scheduling Must Improve Before Conference Can Be Taken Seriously


A look at some of the Big Ten's baseball schedules shows why the conference isn't taken seriously at the national level. This must change if the conference is serious about getting a team to the...

ACC goes to 14 (16?); Pac-12 Adds Oklahoma, Okie State ... and Texas??? Will Notre Dame go B1G?


Conference realignment is about to go nuclear. The ACC seems poised to go to 16 teams with Syracuse, Pitt, and now UConn and Rutgers. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are headed west, and now it seems...

Summer of Tom


Tom Osborne's patience comes to fruition.

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