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Interview on the Pulse Network - The Season, Martinez, David and Crick


Interview about the upcoming Nebraska football season, and the potential of Jared Crick, why some Husker fans don't like Taylor Martinez, and Lavonte David.

Interview With Jason Peter - Hero of the Underground


Interview with Jason Peter regarding his life and his book "Hero Of the Underground".

Search 2007: Ten Interview Questions Being Used By Tom Osborne


Thursday. No new head coach. Really no news about a new head coach. Oh, how long can this go on??? For another four or five days, methinks. We're all eating this stuff up like candy, right?Have you...

Search 2007: 10 Reasons Why Bo Pelini Won't Get the Nebraska Job


Planes are coming and going with executive search firms involved, some guy on the "Husker Nation" Face Book group says he heard that Pelini has put a down payment on a house in Lincoln, our...

"We Are Marshall" And "The Marshall Story" - Hollywood vs Reality


The movie "We Are Marshall" was created largely from the book "The Marshall Story". What are the Hollywood creations in the movie that aren't factual?

Interview: Johnny Rodgers - What's Wrong with the Huskers


I interviewed 1972 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Rodgers as part of his promotion for the Alltel HuskerFest Event being put on by Alltel Wireless tomorrow night. The event is Free from 6:00 pm to...

Interview with Guy "The Fly" Ingles: Steve, Frank and Tom and the Death of Option Football


Guy "The Fly" Ingles played for the Huskers during the Devaney years, his final season being the national title season of 1970. Ingles earned second-team All Big Eight honors as a split end and was...

An Interview with Big Ten Hardball's Brian DeCaussin


College baseball season is coming to a climax with the Super Regionals having finished and the College World Series just ahead. One of the great stories this season was the play of the Big 10...

Interview with Danny Woodhead - Only Player to Rush for More than 2700 Yards in A Season


Danny Woodhead plays tailback for the Chadron State Eagles in Division II. Woodhead set the single season record for rushing for all NCAA divisions this season, rushing for a total of 2756 yards on...

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