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Here are the 2013 Chicago Bears word clouds


Over at imgur.com they had some fantastic NFL based Word Clouds that were compiled from reddit threads during the '13 season. Here are what they had for the Chicago Bears. A quick glance through...

Why Is Kate Upton At UNL?


In what appears to be a walk-on coup, Kate Upton was spotted on the UNL campus today. Her stunning good looks and charming wit stole the show. Oh, and there was a reason besides me that she was in...

The Tebow Petition: We The People Want Him In JAX


President Obama promised us change we could believe in. Houston Texans fans should all hope that includes changing his mind on the decision to kill the Tebow petition on the White House website. We...

Kings Gameday: Father of All Stats


Numbers don't lie. And the numbers say the Kings are gods.

Ron Brown, Nebraska football coach, testifies homosexuality is sin, wants God to dictate law


Nebraska running backs coach Ron Brown testified before the Omaha City Council against a bill that would protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from discrimination (video below)....

Dear God: Please choose the Patriots to beat the Broncos this Sunday


Dear God, I know you’ll be kicking back in your big pearly throne this Sunday afternoon to watch the New England Patriots take on the Denver Broncos. And who can blame you? Sure, there’s poverty in...

Nebraska hires Kate Upton to help with recruiting.


The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model is expected to help Nebraska land a top 5 class nationally next year.


Gods and Guns

The Newtown shooting was a tragedy, the kind of thing we hope never happens to anybody. In the aftermath of such horror, our minds are blasted with questions. The shooter: Who was he? Why did he...

Achilles' Heel: Set Piece Defence


Sigh. I feel like we've been here before...It wasn't 12 months ago when we were talking about zonal marking, and seeing goals flying past a rooted Cech and centerbacks yelling at each other and...

Cardiff City's mascot eerily resembles God


No? More pudding below, but don't forget to eat your meat first. Also a pic of their kit, which I don't find so attractive.

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