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Cobs of the Week - Gary "Iceman" Pinkel, Kirk "Play for OT" Ferentz, The Pac-12, The Big Ten, And the Entire State of Indiana


Each work Corn Nation picks the lousiest performances across the nation and puts them together, letting you vote on which one wins "Cob of the Week"!

Report Card: Nebraska 31, Missouri Tigers 17


Nebraska used a solid performance across the board to take a commanding 24-0 first quarter lead and never looked back.

Big 12 Cob of the Bowls - The Worst Big 12 Bowl Performances


We pick our Big 12 Cob of the Bowls - the worst bowl performances by the Big 12.

The Spread Offense: Why is Missouri So Effective And How Are They Different Than Texas Tech?


This is the second part of a three part series. This article looks at why Missouri is so effective with their version of the spread and how the differ from Texas Tech under Mike Leach. We pay...

Q&A With Missouri Blog Rock M Nation - Nebraska vs Missouri


We're doing the old trade questions thang with SB Nation Missouri bloggers Rock M Nation to get their feel for where the Mizzoura Tigers are and how we can potentially beat them. We're not the...

Reviewing Big 12 Firings Proves I am a Dangerous Man


On July 17th, 2007, I did the old "Big 12 Coaches Most Likely to be Fired in 2007" article. July is a perfect time for such an article, as no one has called me on it since. However, we can better...

Big 12 Roundtable - The Mostly Amicable Preseason Version


Footballin' time must be gettin' close because you can see the collaboration happenin' everywhere. The Blogpolls are starting up and the roundtables are rolling. This one is the first inaugural (at...

Big 12 Media Makes The Right Choice for North: Mizzou!


The Big 12 Media voted and picked Mizzou as the favorite to win the Big 12 North this season, ahead of Nebraska and Kansas State. There is nothing wrong with the choice.  Mizzou has Nebraska at...

Big 12 Coaches Most Likely To Be Fired in 2007


July is list month too. Everyone is making lists. There are lists everywhere. Top ten games of all time. Top games to see this coming season, the best quarterbacks all around the nation. Which...

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