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From the Man Himself:


Zach Mettenberger was absurdly good on third downs and passing downs. Aaron Murray was absurdly good on first downs and standard downs. I don't even know what else to say, at least without going about 2,000 words. This was just a joyful, fun, incredibly well-played football game. I wish they were all like this. LSU games are rarely beautiful, but this was beautiful.

From Bill Connelly. Compare the success rates on passing downs and on standard downs, and you'll understand everything you need to know about this game. Go 'Dawgs!

T Kyle King Reviews Study Hall

T Kyle King Reviews Study Hall

The National, 9/28/12: Oregon Just Won the Pac-12.


Quick hits on the Washington-Stanford debacle, weekly tour around SB Nation, and Saturday's television fare.

2012 Nebraska Cornhuskers Football: Statistical Profile


I know a lot of you have already seen this, but I wanted to make sure you don't miss it. After the season is over it will be very interesting to compare this year's stats with last year's - especially with regards to how well (OR NOT!) our offensive line does and whether or not the offensive footprint slants more towards the pass.

The Most Underachieving College Football Teams Since 2005


A fantastic tidbit from our friends at Football Study Hall. Take a look at the chart. It's a four year average of the best ranked recruiting schools measured against final poll ranking since...

K-State Slate: 9.28.11


It's midweek at the Slate. Today, K-State/Miami gets the Study Hall treatment, Tre Walker saves the day, Bryce Brown goes to Knoxville, people from Columbia fly to Birmingham, Big 12 considering...

2011 Season Preview: The Ohio State Buckeyes and the Unprojectables


Bill Connelly's Ohio State preview is up at the SB Nation College homepage, and here's a snippet: What do we know about the Ohio State Buckeyes at this point, just over a week (!!!) from the beginning of the college football season? They have a deep backfield that will become deeper when Boom Herron returns from suspension. They have a deep offensive line that will become deeper when Mike Adams returns from suspension. They have recruited circles around the rest of the Big Ten. They have two potentially outstanding defensive ends and an outstanding young batch of linemen. They have a host of former blue-chip options at linebacker. Barring an explosion in self-inflicted interceptions, they may have a rather maintainable turnover margin. They have played at a level higher than that of both Oklahoma and Alabama over the last four full years..

On Football Study Hall's Penn State Preview


Picking at Football Study Hall's Penn State 2010 and 2011 analysis.

Football Study Hall


A brief interruption from kicking the carcass of Jim Tressel's integrity for this important announcement. We like to think of ourselves as smart guys (and gal) that write here. After all, this blog was started by two law students and still has a majority of us lawyer-types writing for it. But one of the tenants of being smart (No, it's not arrogance - though that does come from the attorney part) is knowing what you've yet to learn. And when it comes to football, there is always more to understand. That's why you should start reading Bill Connelly's work over at the new SBNation Blog, Football Study Hall. Based upon his previous writings, I have no doubt that it will make you a smarter college football fan. Go. Read. Learn. We return you now to the regularly scheduled kicking of the carcass of Jim Tressel's integrity.

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