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No Suspension For McLeod


McLeod dodges Shanny's wrath after his hit on Jonas Brodin.

JT: You want a piece of me? Kparghai: *chomp*


The link is in German. Since neither this language nor English is my mother language, I won't try a full translation and I'll direct you to Google Translate if you want more details. In short: a disciplinary procedure has been opened against Biel defenseman Clarence Kparghai, who's suspected of having bitten John Tavares during a game one week ago. In the last minute of the second period, JT had a contact with Biel goalie Reto Berra. Kparghai went to defend his netminder. Tavares had him in a headlock, and that's when Kparghai reportedly bit him in the ribs area. To prove it, it seems that Tavares has a bite mark. He also has marks on the neck, as shown in the pictures, though it isn't reported how these were caused. Kparghai, who plays without a mouthguard, denies any wrongdoing and says that JT pressed his (Kparghai's) face against his (JT's) belly. Our beloved "unique judge" will decide. I'll keep you informed.

Tabloid Slander is Officially Worse than Actually Committing Crimes


In Roger Goodell's magical fairyland, it's officially worse to be written about in the tabloids than to commit actual crimes and go to jail. This is proved in the case of Cedric Benson, whose suspension was reduced to one game. Everyone is welcome to their own opinion, but comparing this to Ben's four game suspension for what amounted to unsubstantiated rumors makes Goodell look exactly like the Steeler-hating biased %$# that he is.

Pacioretty Speaks Out


Pacioretty is upset with the lack of supplemental discipline issued by the NHL. Read and react.

(Updated 5pm) Trevor Gillies Suspended 10 Games: News and Reaction Links


Gillies suspended 10 games by NHL for hit on Wild's Clutterbuck.

A Quick Take on My Lunch Break: Thoughts on the Caleb King Arrest


Georgia Bulldogs running back Caleb King was arrested on a bench warrant issued after the football player failed to pay a speeding ticket. How big a deal is this? Dawg Sports says: not very.

Too Much Information: Georgia Bulldogs v. Arkansas Razorbacks


In their upcoming SEC outing with the Arkansas Razorbacks, the Georgia Bulldogs will look to salvage their 2010 college football season. Dawg Sports breaks down the Bulldogs' chances in Too Much...

Warrant Issued for Arrest of Alec Ogletree; Mark Richt Must Set an Example


A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Georgia Bulldogs safety Alec Ogletree. If the theft by taking charge proves to be true, Mark Richt must set an example by kicking the highly-touted...

"We Don't Do That": Increased Expectations on Football Players in the 21st Century


The Pittsburgh Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger and the Georgia Bulldogs' Zach Mettenberger both have paid dearly for their poor decisions in Georgia nightclubs. Increased expectations for player...

Georgia Bulldogs Backup Punter Arrested


A 21-year-old walk-on football player was arrested at 2:30 a.m. Tuesday at Clayton and Jackson Streets. He reportedly admitted to drinking beer at Toppers. So far, the story tracks. There was a disturbance, the police showed up, and someone supposedly hit someone else in the face with his fist. Trent Dittmer reportedly was charged with public intoxication. My question is . . . why public intoxication? If the report is accurate, why not disorderly conduct, resisting, assault, or the like? Does this sound worse than it is, or are additional charges forthcoming? Stay tuned. . . . (Hat tip: David Hale.) Go 'Dawgs!

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