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Houston And Reliant Stadium To Bid On College Football's National Championship Game


The BCS is dead, and the college football national championship game is up for grabs. Houston and Reliant Stadium want in.

It's Official: We Have a College Football Playoff


The BCS Presidential Oversight Committee announced late Tuesday that they have adopted the playoff format that was forwarded by the commissioners of the 11 BCS conferences and it will start New...

The BCS System: Rate Not, Lest Ye Be Rated


Can the BCS computers pick next week’s—or last week’s—winners? There’s a great scene near the climax of the 2001 film Zoolander in which Hansel, played by Owen Wilson (hook ‘em), grabs a late-90s...

Jim Delany And The Art of Face Control


My weekly column on the SB Nation mothership is up. The highlights include mocking the credulous Gene Wojciechowski of ESPN, metaphors involving killer whale pods, vampire bats, and cover charges...



A few things. DEATH TO THE BCS Just finished reading Death To The BCS, which is definitely a must read for any college football fan. It's certainly a screed, but goes to great lengths to...

Podcast #24: The One Where Roy Kramer Appears At Our Seance


Today we were joined by arithmetic ninja SynTex of BCS 101. He gave us a great refresher on how this system "works" (big fingers in the air quote marks) and we went over a few scenarios that...

Cob Of The Week: The BCS, Oklahoma Sooners And Bad Halves


This week's worst performance is all about the BCS, really, because I can't think of a more painful three-hour event than having to watch LSU play Alabama all over again.

Dr. Saturday’s Official Playoff Plan


Matt Hinton over at Dr. Saturday has unveiled his plan for a playoff in college football. All in all it’s not a bad system he designed, although it does seem to have some issues (which every...

Death to the BCS: A Book Review (Part 2)


If you missed part one, click here. Here is the review of the second part of Death to the BCS. Chapter Seven: Myth of the Dead Bowls The authors state their case rather simply, "If the question is...

Death to the BCS: A Book Review (Part 1)


I’ve just finished reading Death to the BCS: The Definitive Case Against the Bowl Championship Series and it is a wonderful read. It is a 200-page attack by Dan Wetzel, Josh Peter and Jeff Passan,...

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