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Colorado Football: A Broken Program that's Broke


The Buffies can't win on the scoreboard or in the general ledger. So why should Nebraska return to a place where they've never been wanted?

A Match Made in College Football Heaven


ESPN released its announcer lineup for the upcoming college football season, and former Colorado coach Dan Hawkins made the roster. Best of all he is teamed with a returning BC announcing...

The Hawk Will Coach Intramurals


Dan Hawkins will have to do his spirit quests on someone else's dime. Because he's gone at Colorado. Hawkins was 19-39 leading the Buffs in his tenure, despite a sterling 53-11 record at Boise...

Dan Hawkins Has What it Takes to Sell Real Estate


I missed this news when it surfaced a week ago so in case you did too, here's the deal: When asked earlier this year what the athletic department might do to help the football program succeed, C...

Zombie Coaches


No, not coaches like Chizik, that will devour your brain, but rather coaches that are like "zombie banks", that are dead (their schools want to fire them), but still moving (because their schools...

Looking @ Colorado Buffaloes Football


While we're all busy looking ahead to OU, musing about our basketball team like Topekans in February, and expressing wonder at how the football gods continue to ease our path to Dallas and Pasadena ...

Mack Brown compliments Cody Hawkins. I think.


From yesterday's press conference. Yes, we actually had Cody here at our camp. He came down and spent time with us. I think Major was coaching him at that time when he was a graduate assistant. ...

Dan Hawkins Seeks The Wisdom of Busey


It's Boulder, Colorado. Dan Hawkins has locked himself in the master bathroom of his Iroquois longhouse where he sits despondent on his flawless tile. Not even his dog-eared Sun Tzu coloring book...

So When Does Dan Hawkins Get Fired?


I'm guessing sometime between now and next Saturday. As I type this the Buffs are down four touchdowns to the Toledo Rockets. A MAC team whose claim to fame revolves around a federal...

Tracking Baylor, Foresight Wizardy, Other Quickies


The Briles Baylor Bears Bowl March Well, I promised a Baylor update every week, whether my prediction of 8-4 begins to look like an absurdity or not. I am always happy to eat crow and be mocked,...

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