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Corn Blight Has Left The Building.....


As you may or may not have noticed, the name "corn blight" no longer graces this site. Instead, he, it, "corn blight" has been replaced by my real name, Jon Johnston. I thought about doing this a...

Big 12 Baseball Tourney Day One - Chaos! Mayhem!


I had prepared an article for yesterday that talked about the fact that the Big 12 tourney would determine which of the top three teams in that conference would get a national seed in the NCAA...

Boomtown Rats' Bob Geldof, Tom Osborne and Me - The Fine Art of Surfacing


"I’ll give it an 85 because you can dance to it and I like the beat". Such was the line oft-repeated on Dick Clark's American Bandstand during the disco phase of the 70s. Disco was always the same,...

Nebraska's Bill Callahan Set to Unveil "Perfect Play" Against Texas


Corn Nation has learned that the Huskers will unveil the 'perfect play' against the Texas Longhorns this Saturday. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a contact at the Nebraska athletic department...

Steve Pederson Fired - Nebraskans Party in the Streets


As I'm sure you all know by now, Harvey Perlman has fired Steve Pederson. Well, technically he asked him to resign and he did, but why split hairs. It's not VJ Day by a long shot, but...

Vs Mizzou: Rushing Three Did Not Kill Nebraska


Rushing three guys against Missouri didn't work, did it? It reminded me of the defenses I've seen here in Minnesota for the past 20 years - drop back and hope you can slow down the other offense...

Mizzou - Nebraska Post Game Over Reaction


I suppose like most of you, I didn't get to watch the first 14 points. I was very upset, but little did I know that ESPN was saving me and my family a full hour of pain. Bill Callahan's offense...

Nazi Influence on Football?


Football has often been compared with war, which is especially noticeable when it comes to terminology. Touchdown passes are called bombs, the linemen are "in the trenches", quarterbacks are "field...

Coming Out of the Closet: I Hate You Dorothy Lynch


There I said it. I know it makes me sound un-Nebraskan, but I do. I've hated Dorothy Lynch for a long time. I've hid the hatred for years and only now do I have the courage to say it publicly. I...

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