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Is ACC's "Grant of Rights" the End of Realignment?


Conventional wisdom says it would be...but conventional wisdom hasn't always applied to much of anything regarding conference realignment. In reality, conference realignment will be over when Jim...

$$$ Expansion $$$


If expansion is all about the money, then what are the risks behind the easy money?

Rutgers To Join The Big Ten


How is a Scarlet Knight Different Than A White Knight?

A&M Heading to SEC in 2012? Tech and Others to Pac-12?


Today brings us reports that ESPN has informed Texas Tech that the only way that ESPN will televise the TT/Texas game this season is on the Longhorn Network. As a result, apparently Tech is now pursuing membership in the Pac-12 conference, likely with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. And of course, A&M is now accelerating plans to move to the SEC (according to TexAgs.com), even though it puts this season at risk: "The Ags did not want any distractions during football season and definitely did not want to receive the 'officiating' that Nebraska got during their farewell tour of the Big 12 last year. It looks like the timeline has been sped up." Yep, we're rubbernecking at the train wreck we left behind. And to quote Steve Pederson: "This is why we did what we did."

Is Texas A&M Ready To March to the SEC?


The after-effects of the decision by ESPN to move a game from ABC to the Longhorn Network are still lingering, as Texas A&M is reexamining their commitment to the Big XII. Is conference realignment...

Profiles of the Big Ten: Michigan Wolverines


As Big Ten expansion begins looking more likely, Nebraska football fans need to become more familiar with members of the Big Ten. First up: the Michigan Wolverines.

Big Ten Expansion Hits Fast Track


Conference realignment is quickly moving into the forefront, and the question isn't if, but how big and what will remain. Could the Big XII be realigned out of existence, and where could Nebraska...

Osborne Ready to Play Defense as Conferences Realign


With rumblings of conference realignment vibrating throughout college football, Tom Osborne has expressed his willingness to talk to the Big Ten.

Conference Re-Alignment Again - Utah And Colorado to the Pac -10?


The Pac-10 is talking about expansion, possible targets include Utah and Colorado. If the Big 10 takes Missouri, and the Pac-10 takes Colorado, where does that leave the Big 12? And where does it...

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