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2013 Husker Football Highlights!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gwLADJez8I 2013 Nebraska Football (via James Wightman) I am nobody important really, but after several months of work I'm finally done with this video...

Frazier will get in next year!


Love his attitude, no way he does not get in after how well he handled being snubbed.

2007 College Football Week 9 Delusional Picks


Husker Mike and I prove this week that we can both stay delusional about the Huskers. Maybe that's what it takes to get through the rest of this season.We both came up with reasons to pick Nebraska...

2007 College Football Predictions Week One


Husker Mike and I got together late last night and went through our predictions for the weekend. Corn Nation regular taflorom has posted his in the diary section. I wouldn't mind running some type...

Huskers Receiver Purify Suspended for Season Opener


Husker Extra is reporting that Husker wide receiver Maurice Purify will be suspended for one game - Nebraska's opener against Nevada. Bill Callahan's complete statement: "I met with Maurice Purify...

Corns Of the Big 12: Iowa State


For years Iowa State has been living off football players who weren't asked to play for the University of Nebraska. It's one of the reasons why Nebraska has a huge home advantage when playing in...

Maurice Purify - Should He Stay or Should He Go?


Maurice Purify is set to settle his court issues tomorrow. He has two major incidents and he's going to settle all charges tomorrow in a plea arrangement after which Bill Callahan gets his turn to...

Big 12 Coaches Most Likely To Be Fired in 2007


July is list month too. Everyone is making lists. There are lists everywhere. Top ten games of all time. Top games to see this coming season, the best quarterbacks all around the nation. Which...

The Home Budget Committee - Tough As Nails When It Comes To TV


It's that time of year. Time to start thinking about whether or not I need to change my TV package to maximize college football coverage. It's a serious problem and there's a lot to think about....

Review: Heart Stoppers and Hail Marys - The Great College Football Finishes (Since 1970)


Author Ted Mandel puts a book together that is perfect for people like me. I'll be blunt. I literally suffer from somewhat of a depression when it's not football season.'Heart Stoppers and Hail...

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