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Cobs: N. Illinois, OSU*2, SEC Defense, & Finebaum


Who's the worst of this weekend in college football? Our nominees include Northern Illinois, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, SEC "Defenses", Paul Finebaum's trolling, and replay refs who mailed it in...

Cob of the Week: Bo, 'Bama, and West Virginia


This week's candidates for worst of the week in college football include Bo Pelini, Alabama's field goal unit (for historical suckage), Alabama fans (for their reaction), Alabama-Birmingham, and...

Cobs: Lewan, Fitz, Siemian, Purdue, & Va Tech


Taylor Lewan grabs facemasks, Fitz Toussaint can't walk his talk, Trevor Siemian can't run or throw, Purdue can't wait for basketball season, and Virginia Tech can't roll the clock back.

Cobs: Oklahoma, Michigan, Pooch Kicks, & Targeting


This week's nominees include two losers, a bone-headed decision that cost a team a shutout, and the NCAA's most hated new rule.

Cob of the Week: USC, Tennessee, Minnesota, & More


Lane Kiffin and Southern Cal probably wins this running away, but there were a few more candidates for the worst of the week in college football.

Cobs of the Week - Week 1 Voting Now Underway


Vote now and tell us what's the worst of the opening weekend of college football!

Colorado Football: A Broken Program that's Broke


The Buffies can't win on the scoreboard or in the general ledger. So why should Nebraska return to a place where they've never been wanted?

Cobs! Bama, Auburn, Tenn, L'ville, McGloin & More!


This week's nominees for worst of the week features a quarterback who melted down under pressure, a national championship wanna be no more, and our friends the B1G Refs.

Cob of the Week Nominations!


Who's the worst of the week? Defense (Baylor, Purdue), Urban, Sparty Fans, LSU, and Tyler Bray are this week's nominees.

Cobs of the Week: Washington State, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Iowa

Since Colorado somehow won this weekend, they are ineligible this week to be the "Worst of the Week". But when Colorado wins, that means somebody else gets a nomination instead. HELLLLOOOOO...

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