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Urban Meyer New Ohio State Coach, Bo Pelini Denies Interest - What Do You Think?


Ohio State will name Urban Meyer their new head coach. Nebraska's Bo Pelini was first said to have interviewed, but denies interest. What do you think?

Will John Papuchis Hook'em?


John Papuchis is being considered to become the next position coach at Texas - taking over defensive tackles.

Bulls Report - Brett McMurphy Sports - Ekeler Staying At Nebraska


Mike Ekeler has twice turned down South Florida's Jim Leavitt and has decided to stay at Nebraska. I figure he's got a lot more to learn from the Pelinis. Or maybe he wants to finish what he started. Or maybe Nebraska IS a better place to live than Florida.

Nebraska's Bo Pelini Announces His Staff


Bo Pelini officially announced most of his coaching staff yesterday. Lots of commentary available - Husker Mike points out the world "potential", Jeffie at DXP sounds unimpressed, Darren at Big Red...

Big Red Roundtable - There And Back Again Edition


Time for another Big Red Roundtable, featuring all gobs of Nebraska bloggers. This one is about going on the record with our reaction to the 2007 season, the hiring of Bo Pelini, and expectations!1...

It's Official: Bo Pelini Is Nebraska's Head Football Coach


Bo Pelini was officially announced as Nebraska's head coach at a 4:00 pm (Central) press conference, confirming the four billion rumors that have been floating around since the firing of Bill...

ESPN Announcing Bo Pelini As Next Head Cornhusker Coach


ESPN is announcing that Nebraska has selected Bo Pelini as the next head coach of the Cornhuskers. Since ESPN has announced the story, others are following.Comments from Tom Osborne: "I'm not...

Coach Search 2007: Does the NCAA Need A Minority Hiring Rule?


Other than the Black Coaches Association stating that hiring Turner Gill would be progress, race hasn't come up much as a prevailing issue in Tom Osborne's search for Nebraska's next head coach....

Search 2007: Ten Interview Questions Being Used By Tom Osborne


Thursday. No new head coach. Really no news about a new head coach. Oh, how long can this go on??? For another four or five days, methinks. We're all eating this stuff up like candy, right?Have you...

Search 2007: Top Ten Reasons Turner Gill is Nebraska's Next Head Coach (And Five Why He Won't)


Tom Osborne says that Bo Pelini wasn't offered the job. Neither was Turner Gill. For the record, neither have I.Not all that shocking, is it? If you wrecked your car, and you're determined to get...

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