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Chicago Bears 2013 Position Battles: Runningbacks

The West Coast Offense will have the Chicago Bears utilizing their runningbacks like never before, join us as we run down the backs fighting it out for a job.

Bears Playbook - Beating Marc Trestman

Marc Trestman's most well-known game as an offensive coordinator is also his most well-known loss. Here's how Jon Gruden's Bucaneers defeated Trestman's Raiders, and why the loss might spell trouble for the 2013 Bears.

Bears Playbook - Marc Trestman's Run Game

Marc Trestman called a pass-heavy offense in Oakland, but he never forgot about his running backs. Jog your memory with a preview of what the Bears' run game will look like next season.

Bears Playbook - Trestman's Short Pass Game

Three routes all on one side of the field - a defense can't stop them all. Here's how Marc Trestman replaces the run game with the pass.

Chicago Bears 2013 Roster Turnover: Running Backs

In this ongoing series, we'll take a position by position look at the Bears roster with an eye towards 2013. We'll speculate on who stays, who goes, and some potential additions we'd like to see. We'll also utilize the unique content of PFF.

1993 - South Carolina at Tennessee

Full broadcast of the game... see Heath Shuler and Charlie Garner at their very best.

Tim Brown Clues Us In To Bill Callahan's Fail

Former Oakland Raider Tim Brown gave an interview in which he talked about how Bill Callahan approached the Super Bowl, and how Brown had to save Callahan from a beatdown.

20 Losses in 20 Years #6 - Crimson Tied*

Our countdown of the most heartbreaking UT losses remembers a tie, in what might be the Third Saturday in October's finest hour.

49ers Year-by-Year: 2001

Read about the San Francisco 49ers' 2001 season. For 49ers' fans, 2001 was a year of redemption, but also one of controversy.

49ers Year-by-Year: 2000

The following is a brief retelling of the San Francisco 49ers' 2000 season. Though lacking the results that 49ers fans were accustomed to, the 2000 season was special for marking the coming of age of players like Jeff Garcia and Terrell Owens, as well as for marking the bittersweet departure of perhaps the team's greatest player: Jerry Rice.

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