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Nebraska vs Oklahoma - Ask An Expert: Q&A With A Sooner

Oklahoma Sooner meets Nebraska Cornhusker in a discussion about the upcoming 2010 Big 12 Championship game. It's a civil conversation about our teams, and who wins. Civil conversation on the internet? What's up with that?

Breaking Down the 2010 Big 12 Football Schedule

A break down of the 2010 Big 12 football schedule. Some teams get the shaft while others get the breaks. Who are they?

Nebraska and Oklahoma - Just Old Friends Getting Together Again.....

When Nebraska and Oklahoma get together, sparks still fly. And it's only because they haven't found anybody better for each other.

Corn Flakes is ready to tailgate!

Nebraska sets first three games for PPV telecasts Sept. 5: Florida Atlantic, 6 p.m. Sept. 12: Arkansas State, 1 p.m. Sept. 26: Louisiana-Lafayette, 6 p.m. 2 night games? That should make for...

Corn Flakes Says - No Home Field Advantage No Playoff

  Pat Forde has an obligatory "we need a playoff" post, using the election theme and reviewing the same crap that’s been proposed about 10,000 times already. Take a number of teams and use the bowl...

Hating Bob Stoops

Bob Stoops has reestablished Oklahoma football as a national power. And like Barry Switzer, fans of other programs hate him. Why?

Morning Coffee - Shouldn't You Be in Church?

Just think of this article being posted at 7:00 am instead of a little after midnight. I have a Boy Scout pancake feed to assist with early in the morning so I'm posting this in the wee hours...

Corns of the Big 12: Oklahoma

Oklahoma, much like Iowa State, is not a corn. They're not an insect. They're not even a disease.Oklahoma is dirt. Now at first this might seem like an insult but it's not. It's meant with the...

Big 12 Coaches Most Likely To Be Fired in 2007

July is list month too. Everyone is making lists. There are lists everywhere. Top ten games of all time. Top games to see this coming season, the best quarterbacks all around the nation. Which...

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