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2012 BlogPoll, Week 1: USC, Alabama Rise, Nebraska Starts at #17

Nebraska starts at #17 in the first Blogpoll of the 2012 season. LSU dropped to third behind Alabama and USC - kind of funny what one lost honey badger does to the perception of a team's chances.

College Football Rankings: LSU Tops Week 7 BlogPoll, Extends Penthouse Stay

Nebraska stayed at #15 in the Top 25 Blogpoll, while Corn Nation gets singled out for having the unchangiest ball this week, provoking the following comment from Blogpoll Master Andy Hutchins. I mean, if I were a Nebraska fan, and my team had beaten the reigning Big Ten champion with a ridiculous, potentially season-saving comeback, I would have dropped just three teams that lost and kept my top 13 the same, too. If it ain't broke...

College Football BlogPoll Rankings, Week 10: It Starts Making Sense - SBNation.com

This week's Blogpoll is out - with Nebraska ranked #8, and CN taking the "Straight Bangin' Award (again?)

College Football BlogPoll Top 25: Oregon Moves Upward; Boise State Not So Much

This week's blogpoll is final. Nebraska dropped one spot to #8. Oklahoma rose six spots, while Oregon rose three. I remain a shameless Husker homer. Maybe more of them will see the light after this weekend is over, eh?

Blogpoll Week Seven - CBSSports.com

It occurs to me sometimes that I'm not going to get links off this thing unless I'm either boring or a complete loonie. By being reasonable - I wonder - am I hurting myself? Think about your media types - they're all that way - complete loonies, whether on this side or that. Look at your group of friends - someone is a loonie. If you can't figure out who that is, it's probably you.

BlogPoll Week Five | mgoblog

This weeks blogpoll as voted by members of the overall Blogpoll. Oklahoma #1, Alabama #2, LSU #3, Missouri #4, Texas #5.

Blogpoll Week 3 | mgoblog

Nebraska is getting votes, including one guy who ranked us #11. You gotta love the faith in that. We're currently 29th in the blogpoll. Beat Virginia Tech and we'll be ranked.

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