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"Dollar Bill" Byrne "Retiring" at Texas A&M


Byrne wasn't in favor of the shift to the SEC.

Cob of the Week: Dirk Chatelain, Husker Fans Who Left Early, Texas Tech Fans And Manure, Bad Announcing and Colorado


The worst performances of the week - nominees are OWH reporter Dirk Chatelain, Husker fans who left early and missed the comeback over Ohio State, Texas Tech fans, bad announcing by Matt Millen and...

A&M to the SEC is becoming real. Direct from DeLoss Dodds.


And just like that, A&M to the SEC seems almost inevitable.

Texas A&M wants $20 million it was promised


You can make all the jokes you want about Guido and his brother working for Bill Byrne, and you can comment on the long-term stability of the Big 12, but what should stand out here is this: Dan Beebe blew a lot of smoke about bigger TV contracts and penalizing Nebraska and Colorado to benefit Texas, Oklahoma and Texas A&M. It’s about time someone called his bluff to make him show his cards. This isn’t about greed. This is about separating bullshit from reality.

Why It's Important for Nebraska To Be Successful In All Sports, Not Just Football


The success of the Nebraska women's basketball team has resulted in many more fans attending the games. With them comes more revenue, which shows why it's important for the University of Nebraska...

Big 12 Cob of the Week: Can A Fat Man Fit Under A Bus, Texas A&M, and Colorado


Help vote and pick the worst performance in the Big 12 last week. Nominess are KU's athletic director Lew Perkins, Texas A&M and Colorado.

"Dollar Bill" Byrne fires 17 people to cut budget deficit; pockets $204,000 raise


Former Nebraska athletic director Bill Byrne let 17 people go last Thursday in a move to cut $1 million in salaries to balance the budget. In an "unrelated" story, Bill Byrne received a $204,000 raise. Husker fans should be familiar with the story: Byrne builds up the overall Aggie athletic department (finishing 12th in the director's cup standings) but seemingly at the expense of the football program. More from I Am The 12th Man and the Lincoln Journal-Star.

Worst of the Big 12 - The Big 12 "Cob of the Week"


A little late with this week's "Cob of the Week" awards, but at least no one's playing on Wednesday this week. This week, we're all over the place -  a backup quarterback, an athletic director, and...

Big Red Roundtable - Nebraska's Other Sports


Corn Nation is hosting the Big Red Roundtable this month. Husker softball and baseball seasons have started, and the men and women's basketball teams’ seasons are nearly complete, so with this...

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