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The University of Nebraska has been voted out of the AAU.


The Association of American Universities' members voted to end UNL's membership recently based on the university's inability to meet certain requirements, Chancellor Harvey Perlman said in an email to faculty and staff Friday. The vote required a two-thirds majority of the group's 62 other members. [Update - Since it appears that many Big Ten fans (alumni) are coming to CN to reference the article above, I'd like you to also take a look an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education that states: What put Nebraska at a particular disadvantage within the AAU is that the university's medical school is part of the statewide system, but not part of the flagship Lincoln campus. So the medical school's research dollars do not count toward Lincoln's AAU numbers. In an analysis conducted last year by The Chronicle, Nebraska's system as a whole outpaces at least 11 current AAU members.

The Name Game: Propose Names for the Big 10's Divisions


Only because there's some really good suggestions here.....

Discarded Big Ten Division Names - Maize n Brew


SB Nation's Michigan site is Maize N Brew - might as well start getting used to the Big Ten sites, if you haven't already.

Big Ten Decides 12 Schools is Enough


The Big Ten's Council of Presidents/Chancellors met today and determined that the process of expansion that began last December is now complete. The Big Ten will focus on the integration of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and "will not be actively engaged in conference expansion for the foreseeable future."

Texas Considering Plan to Retain Remaining Teams in Big XII


Chip Brown (yes, THAT Chip) is reporting that Dan Beebe has informed the remaining 10 schools that a new television contract could provide each school approximately $17 million a year. (I.E. SEC-type money), and allow each school (in other words, Texas) to form their own network as well. Texas is seriously considering the proposal, since they would be able to have their cake (big TV money) and eat it (their own TV network as well.) Ironically, it turns out that the Pac-10 would also require Texas to sign all of their media rights to the conference as well...something that Harvey Perlman asked Texas to do last week, and they refused. Which means that if anybody asks, if the Big XII dies, it falls squarely on Texas because they were not willing to make the same commitment to the Big XII that they are willing to make to the Pac-Ten.

Kansas Senators Think Big XII Breakup Is a Federal Case


Senators Pat Roberts (R-Kansas), Sam Brownback (R-Kansas), and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) tell the Omaha World-Herald that Congress could get involved if the Big XII dissolves. Insert your own jokes about Congress here...

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