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Return of the Big Red Roundtable - 2010 Spring Nebraska Football Edition


Big Red Roundtable returns with a series of questions and answers around 2010 Spring Nebraska football! Who will be the names everyone is talking about coming out of spring?

Big Red Roundtable - Mid Season


Time for a Big Red Roundtable, opinions from some Husker bloggers about where the good ol' Big Red is about now. Husker Guy, Husker Mike at his Blasphemy site, Husker Faithful, and Big Red Network...

Corn Flakes is Gittin' Angry At All Y'all


Remember, Corn Flakes Aren't Just for Breakfast Anymore! Tom Shatel has a whole gob of people who sent him emails who are clearly angry about how things are going with the football team. You’ve...

Big Red Roundtable - There And Back Again Edition


Time for another Big Red Roundtable, featuring all gobs of Nebraska bloggers. This one is about going on the record with our reaction to the 2007 season, the hiring of Bo Pelini, and expectations!1...

Big Red Roundtable - Back to the Future Edition


The events of the week have brought on another Big Red Roundtable. We're good at getting together when things are crazy, so you'd have to wonder what would happen if we all met at the same bar.1....

Big Red Roundtable: Emergency Edition Wrap-Up


Corn Blight and I put together this roundtable yesterday quickly as the fallout from the Ball State game continued to hit the fan.  Fortunately, everybody answered the emergency call, though I...

Big Red Roundtable - Emergency Edition


1) Assess the Huskers performance this season.  What is going well, and what has surprised you?Sam Keller and the receiving corps are doing well. Keller's hair looks good too. The offensive line...

Big Red RoundTable - Post Spring Game Depression Edition


Welcome to the Big Red Roundtable Post-Spring Game "There Ain't No Football for Just About Forever" Depression Edition.Here we have a bunch of questions we've thrown out there to be answered by a...

Big Red Roundtable - Nebraska's Other Sports


Corn Nation is hosting the Big Red Roundtable this month. Husker softball and baseball seasons have started, and the men and women's basketball teams’ seasons are nearly complete, so with this...

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