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Shooting Pointe Blank: Virginia Tech…and Bo Pelini?


Well that sucked. San Jose State was this year’s Wake Forest I do believe but the good news is I don’t think that the 2008 Cornhuskers are going to tank completely. At least their coach won’t be...

Big 12 Roundtable: Corn Nation Edition


Once again I sit at a chair next to the Big 12 Roundtable.  Matt from The Crimson and Cream Machine challenged us to speak of spring and what hope may or may not spring eternal.  Blankman sayeth: ...

Big 12 Baseball Weekly Review - March 3, 2008


Most of the story links below are from the official athletic department web sites, because there still aren't a lot of resources that promptly cover college baseball. I'll be linking to blogs and...

Big 12 Baseball Opening Week Review - February 25, 2008


Big 12 Baseball Opening Week Review - February 24, 2008 I'll be doing a Big 12 Week Review for college baseball again this season. I am interested in feedback on the format, particularly whether...

College Baseball: Opening Weekend Big 12 Schedule


Following is your Big 12 schedule for the opening weekend of college baseball: Baylor opens with a three-game series against Purdue in Waco. Kansas begins with a five-game series at perennial...

Baseball: A Look At Nebraska's 2008 Big 12 Schedule


2007 Big 12 ReviewLast season the Big 12 finished second to the SEC in conference RPI ratings, but failed to place a single team in the College World Series. Texas, Texas A&M and Missouri hosted...

Big 12 Championship: Mizzou Or Okies?


The Big 12 Championship is this evening and I'd like to encourage any Corn Nation fans to visit the SB Nation blogs for Oklahoma and Missouri.Oklahoma blog is Crimson and Cream Machine, Mizzou is...

Big 12 Roundtable - The End Is Near


This week's Big 12 roundtable is being hosted by Texas blog Gabriel's Horn. Pretty appropriate title - The End Is Near. You suppose we'll see at least one guy dressed as an apocalyptic monk outside...

Nebraska - Better than Kansas (And The Rest of the Big 12!)


I noticed our buddy TB over at KSU Blog Bring on the Cats was congratulatin' hisself about Kansas being one of the 10 healthiest states in the nation. Nebraska's State Seal. Is that Tom...

Big 12 Roundtable - Thick of the Season


I'm late on this. I know.1. If you could steal another coach at any level (head, assistant, etc.) from another school, who would it be and why?That's a two million dollar a year question, isn't it?I...

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