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Announcing "Big 12 Hardball" - Your Site for Big 12 Baseball


Announcing "Big 12 Hardball" - your site for Big 12 college baseball coverage!

2008 NCAA College Baseball Tourney: Big 12 Losses Piling Up


  Missouri - gone Nebraska - gone Texas - gone Oklahoma State - gone Oklahoma - gone Houston beat Texas A&M yesterday, so the two will play again this evening to determine the winner of...

2008 NCAA College Baseball Big 12 Tourney Selections


The Big 12 ends up with zero national seeds, below is the list. I’m surprised that Oklahoma State didn't get one of these spots. Obviously Texas A&M and Nebraska played themselves out of...

Big 12 Baseball Tourney Comes Down to Kansas State vs Texas


  It’ll be #5 seed Texas versus #7 seed Kansas State for the Big 12 tournament title.    The title game is at 1:00 pm and is broadcast nationally on FSN.    Texas has a tendency to get a big...

Big 12 Baseball 2008 Tourney: Who Goes Who Doesn't


The word for the Big 12 baseball tourney so far has been Anarchy! In the past couple days: Texas A&M lost to Texas 9-15 moving Texas A&M to 0-2. Texas is at 1-1. Missouri lost to Oklahoma 3-4...

Big 12 Baseball Tourney Day One - Chaos! Mayhem!


I had prepared an article for yesterday that talked about the fact that the Big 12 tourney would determine which of the top three teams in that conference would get a national seed in the NCAA...

2008 Big 12 Baseball Tourney - Games, Times, Coverage, Husker Gathering


The Big 12 baseball tourney is set to go. Here is the list of games, times, facts, and coverage. No. 4 Missouri vs. No. 5 Texas    9:00 a.m. No. 1 Texas A&M vs. No. 8 Oklahoma    12:30 p.m. No. 3...

Big 12 Baseball Weekly Review - May 19th, 2008 - The Big 12 Seeds Are In


In the Big 12 this week: -  The two top teams in the Big 12 get swept. It seems neither Nebraska nor Texas A&M wanted that national seed spot. A&M can still get it if they don't completely flop in...

Big 12 Baseball Weekend Preview - Rivalry Edition


Texas A&M vs Texas Given how these two teams have done this season, it’d be easy to understand if the Aggies won this series. Husker fans are hoping that’s not the case and there’s something in...

Big 12 Baseball Weekly Review - May 11th, 2008 - Huskers Win On Aggie Errors


In the Big 12 this week: - Nebraska vs Texas A&M turned into one helluva series. A 16-inning game won by the Aggies, then they lose the series. The teams played a double header on Sunday, with...

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