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Fine Nonetheless: A Personal Bias Analysis

Why one Cagesider defended Cena and Rock winning at the "Royal Rumble" to the death: Shouldn't a guy who was calling for Cena's head mere months ago be pissed that he's getting back the win from...

Cards Fan's view of the Harrison/Molina play


The term douchebaggery was invented to describe this kind of article. Note the ridiculous implied condemnation of Josh because he shares a last name with James Harrison.

What if the Sandusky Scandal Happened at Nebraska?


Penn State fans reacted with outrage after the NCAA announced their sanctions against their school. It's perfectly understandable how they reacted, and frankly, I think fans of just about any...

Of Bloggers and Bias


Jack Harry thinks KU should drop football. Kevin Keitzman thinks bloggers are more biased than traditional-media journalists. Both of them are wrong.

Cards Love Jake; Have Not Thought About 2011


You know you want to come back, J. C. Westbrook.

OT: ESPN is a biased network!


While checking out Pinstripe Alley for Steinbrenner articles I saw one of their FanPosts and started reading it. As the discussion progressed it kept getting more and more hilarious to the point that I had to do something about it. That something was...cue the suspensful music...wait for it....wait for it...create a FanShot so I could share it with my fav place to hang out on the net. You will want to scroll down to roughly then end of the ads on the right hand column (at least it is on my computer) or about halfway down the page for their take on ESPN's bias.

Skate Canada: I laughed and I cried


I laughed and I laughed and I laughed Because the judging...kind of a joke, right? Home field advantage has not been this pronounced in recent memory. It was most evident in the program components...

LaTroy Hawkins accuses ump of bias in Cubs game.


I guess for some reason the ump must apparently be some sort of fan of the Cubs according to Hawkins.



I’ve long suspected that NHL coaches and GM’s place far too much emphasis on the games a player plays against their own team. Either Tyler at Mc79hockey.com or Vic at IOF suggested that Daniel...

Bias - Patrick O'Sullivan


In my post below, I mentioned the theory (again, not my own although I subscribe to it) that general managers probably place too much weight on their own viewings of the players in question.I...

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