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Will Bengals Earn 4th Consecutive Playoff Berth?


Only the Patriots and Packers have made more consecutive playoff appearances than the Bengals. Should it be viewed as a failed season if the Bengals fail to win a playoff game, or even fail to make...


Another Mock Draft

My first mock draft ever. Make sure to comment below what you think of it.

Andy Dalton tried to tell me a joke but it went over my head


Andy Dalton wouldn't hear it. He damn sure wouldn't say it. He wouldn't go anywhere near the issue of blame, specifically the blame on him, for the Bengals' 27-10 loss to San Diego on Sunday in an NFL wild-card playoff game.


Jon Kitna Donating His $53,000 NFL Game Check to Lincoln High School.

Forty-one year old Jon Kitna has been brought out of retirement by the Dallas Cowboys. He'll serve as the Cowboys back up quarterback in Sunday's game versus the Eagles. Since retiring from the...


Carson Palmer traded, Is it April 2nd already?

As most Cincy Jungle fans learned yesterday, the Raiders on April 1st found a NFL trading partner for Carson Palmer. Are some of you suspiciously feeling a little skeptical concerning this story?...

Horrified by the Maualuga resigning? Embrace your pain and celebrate with these Cincy fans.


If you watch long enough, Tom Servo and Crow should appear. Or the chick from the ring..

WalterFootball.com's 5 rnd Mock Draft-Hmm? Interesting.


Rnd 1:Menelik Watson, OT, Florida State???? Rnd 2: Gio Rnd 2: Eric Reid Rnd 3: Jelani Jenkins, OLB, Florida Rnd 4: Tyrann Mathieu Rnd 5: Zac Dysert, QB, Miami of Ohio


Andre Smith's asking for 9 million a season?

Where would a 9 Million dollar salary rank Andre Smith's 2013 contract among the top paid tackles in the nfl? Jordan Gross at Tackle $11,700,000 Joe Thomas at Tackle $11,462,500 Jason...

NFL tickets for $6.50!


I recently read an item (I think it was at philly.com) about how Eagles fans interested in seeing a road game could do so a little more cheaply. The article suggested going to Cincinnati, as the...

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