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A Lil' Apocalypse


When science goes horribly, horribly wrong.

B1G 2013 // Nebraska Cocktail Party Preview


All you need to know about the 2013 Nebraska Cornhuskers including a quick look at the offense, defense, special teams, and schedule. Spoiler alert: The Offense is good, the Defense is untested,...

The Really B1G Summer Discussion


It's been a while since a really long discussion about 2013 transpired, right? Ted and I take care of that with a wild ride that covers the B1G Championship Game, Over and Underachievers, Darkhorse...

B1G 2013 // An On the Banks Rutgers Q&A


A couple of the guys from On the Banks agreed to take questions from me. Why? Well, that's probably a great question, but the results were great. Enjoy an extended look into who and what the B1G...

B1G 2013: Northwestern's Smartest Guys in the Room


There's a reason I picked this article to write. No coaching change, suckers! Guess who phoned it in this week?

B1G 2013 // Wisconsin Scored Again


A Nebraska fan hates Wisconsin? Sure, you might think this all stems from the B1G Conference Championship Game, but this cuts a little bit deeper.

B1G 2013 // Rutgers Encapsulated


What happens when the OTE staff takes on Rutgers? We give the school its entire week in a post. All Rutgers Everything... in under 400 words.

MSU Week - "If" is the middle word in LIFE


Every program has their "what if" moments. Here is a look at one of the many in Michigan State Sports history. We look at the 1989 team and one of the more unheralded teams in school history.

B1G 2013// Michigan State Cocktail Party Preview


Break out your tin foil hats folks! It's Conspiracy Michigan State Week. The Michigan State University Spartans are up next in Off Tackle Empire's B1G 2013 weekly preview series. For a change, last...

Why would an MSU fan hate the Purdue Boilermakers?


One MSU fans take on his hatred of all things Boiler.

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