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2008 College Football Week Twelve Predictions

Week Twelve???? Twelve? How did we get here? Where did it go? And now we're stuck with a whole slate of relatively uninteresting games coming into one of the last weekends of regular season college...

2008 College Football Week Eleven Predictions: The Danger Of Boredom

There aren't many good match ups this weekend. If you had to take a weekend off, this would be the one. I'll be doing that as I head to Western Nebraska for deer rife season next week. It's a nice...

2008 College Football Week Ten Predictions: The Strong Survive

I cannot believe I put this whole thing together last night, then didn't publish it. I tried to back date it, much like a late invoice. It didn't work. Argh. November. This is the time of the...

2008 College Football Week Nine Predictions: Stay Focused

Not a lot of big games this weekend. May be a bunch of intriguing games, but not a lot of big ones. That's okay with me, it's as if they scheduled the games perfectly so that I can focus on...

2008 College Football Week Eight Predictions: Manic Lifestyle

Mike and I usually join up for a chat on Thursday night, then run through all the games. Last night I was exhausted after a trip to Wisconsin, so we did them via email, then I proceeded to not...

2008 College Football Week Seven Predictions: How'd We Get Here?

It's bloody mid-October already. How'd we get here so soon? Seems like just yesterday we were talking about how the Huskers would rebound from the Billy-Stevey debacle and go 10-2 or 9-3 and once...

2008 College Football Week Six Predictions: The Big Ones Fall

What started as a Sunday-Wednesday trip has turned into a Sunday-Saturday trip. I did get out a couple times, and the food here is always “too full” good. It hasn't been all bad. Great group of...

2008 College Football Week Five Predictions: Conference Play Begins!

 Last week we saw chaos and madness and everyone went into shock. We’re already five weeks into the season - it shouldn’t be that surprising that there are upsets, is it? Parity parity parity - we...

2008 College Fooball Week Five Predictions: The Door Is Open!

I was all prepared to write a lead-in complaining about the scheduling in college football, how we haven’t seen many great games, how we need to not hear about the need for a playoff at the end of...

2008 College Fooball Week Four Predictions: Still Too Many Unknowns

Here we are in the fourth week of college football season and there are still tons of teams about which we know nothing. Body bag scheduling has left us with big holes across the landscape. It’s...

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