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United States vs. Belgium Gamethread!


Time for the final Round of 16 matchup in the FIFA World Cup. AMERICA.

United States vs. Portugal Game Thread!


We believe We believe that we can win.

Weekend Open Thread


We're still here! It's June! You still need a place to go, right?!!!

Corn Flakes for September 12th


News of the day on a problem off the field for Ndamukong Suh, as well as changes in policy for Memorial Stadium this Saturday.

Corn Flakes for September 11th


Today's links include words on Brett Hundley, as well as reaction to the Oklahoma St. SI piece.

Corn Flakes for September 10th


News and notes about UCLA and Nebraska preparing for Saturday, as well as some big time hot seats coming up across America.


Can we define Team Sunshine?

What does it mean to be on Team Sunshine?

Corn Flakes for September 5th


Links on Tight End play Saturday night, as well as Valentines' role in the D.

Corn Flakes for September 4th


Today's links include the other Kenny Bell making news, as well as Sonny Dykes upset at Pat Fitzgerald.

Corn Flakes for September 3rd


Today's links include Shatel's wondering about the D's mojo, as well as the Wyoming highlights and post game presser.

Monday's Corn Flakes


A roller coaster on the coast, men's Nebrasketball is officially done, sand volleyball news (SFW) and more.

GameThread: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!


It's a red-letter day for Nebraska athletics!

The Reads: The Desert Island Question


We're so hard up for news that we're asking hypothetical questions.

The Reads: Got it!


Kent Pavelka's radio call of Talley's three pointer to knock off NCAA-hopeful Iowa is a thing of beauty. Oh, and Salt Creek is back.

The Reads: Twenty and a Vacation


We celebrate reaching twenty recipes for the Community Cookbook and Win #7 in the All Sports NU Trophy Campaign. Salt Creek also goes on vacation because it has been a long season and he needs a...

The Reads: Spring Break in California


Nebraska's Sand Volleyball era begins with a nine game tear through California, a teaser of coming attractions as Nebraska surely puts together a more competitive schedule for 2014. Also, other...

The Reads: Rest Well, Football.


Football finally lies down to sleep as we review Nebraska's athletic achievements from the weekend.

The Reads: Super Weekend


There's a whole host of Nebraska sports to build up to the National Football League's BIG SHOW Sunday evening.

The Reads: Faster than a Runza


It'll take longer to eat a Runza than it'll take to finish today's Reads! We've got a BIG story about player compensation so check it out and join the conversation today!

The Reads: Nebraska Leads in the Battle for the NU


Nebraska leads Northwestern 5-2 in the Battle for the NU, with seven rounds to go! Who will win the rights to NU in 2013-2014?

The Reads: Will Work For News


It's Friday! We're going heavy on the national media today because, well, Nebraska hasn't beating Michigan State yet and well, there's not much else going on this week. (Nothing on the recruiting...

The Reads: Good grief, NCAA.


You'll never believe it, but the organization that put Nebraska on probation for giving student athletes extra books screwed up their investigation into Miami's possible pay-to-play scandal that...

The Reads: The Inevitable Lack of News


The off-season's slow crawl starts to strangle off my news sources so we're grasping at straws today.

Announcing the Corn Nation Community Cookbook!


We present the Corn Nation Community Cookbook, a chance for you to share your favorite recipes with your fellow CNers! Stop in for details as well as today's news!

The Reads: A Good Weekend


Nebraska athletics has a fantastic weekend, headlined by an upset against the No. 5 Illinois wrestling team. Stop on in for today's open thread and read about our wins!

The Reads: Good News for Team Jack


We've got an update from the Hoffman's and we cover the weekend's athletic events. Stop on in and say hi! This is your weekend open thread.

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