Husker Football 2013

Former Husker Avery Moss Fined to Resolve Case

The former Nebraska defensive end was fined $500 to resolve his public indecency case from 2012. The only question remains whether the UNL administration will allow him to return to campus in 2015.

2013 Husker Football In Review: MVP

Who gets your vote for MVP? Is it I-back Ameer Abdullah, cornerback Ciante Evans, safety Corey Cooper, or defensive end Randy Gregory?

Report Card: The 2014 recruiting cycle

How did the Husker Football program do in getting this class to sign on the dotted line? Lets take a look

NU Extends Assistant Football Coaches Contracts

The entire staff is now under contract through the 2015 season. But only Rick Kaczenski and Ross Els will receive a raise after a 9-4 season.

2013 Husker Football: Play of the Year

Two 99 yard plays and two unbelievable catches make this a tough choice. What play gets your vote for best of the 2013 Nebraska football season?

Taylor Martinez Foot Injury Details Released

Details were released today about the foot injury Taylor Martinez suffered during the Wyoming game that caused him to miss the majority of his senior season at Nebraska. We provide further explanation regarding the injury.


2013 Husker Football Highlights! 2013 Nebraska Football (via James Wightman) I am nobody important really, but after several months of work I'm finally done with this video...


It's only mid-January, and here I thought I wouldn't get around this until March. Attached are the results of our 2013 Bowl Pick 'Em which we ran through Yahoo's Pick 'Em. Included are the Top Ten...

Huskers Finish 2013 Ranked in Coaches Poll

Nebraska ended the 2013 season ranked #25 in the coaches poll, and #26 (unranked) in the AP Poll.

Bo Pelini Wants His Cat Back From Faux Pelini

Bo Pelini won the social media battle this evening as he tweeted at his own parody account, asking for his cat back.


#BOOM Extinquished: Terry Joseph Heading to A&M?

Multiple sources in College Station indicate that Texas A&M is seriously pursuing Husker secondary coach Terry Joseph.

Gator Bowl Report Card: Huskers 24, Georgia 19

Nebraska got that ninth win over an SEC opponent. That's a good way to end the year, right?

Huskers Upset Georgia 24-19

Nebraska wins the turnover battle and keeps Georgia out of the end zone on six of seven trips inside the red zone.


Gator Bowl Game Thread: Huskers vs. Georgia

Come join us at Corn Nation for the 2014 Gator Bowl!!!

Huskers - Bulldogs: TV Schedule, Odds

The Nebraska Cornhuskers take on the Georgia Bulldogs in the Gator Bowl on Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 at 11:00 am central time in a game nationally televised game on ESPN2.

Gator Bowl Predictions

CN's crack staff has their picks for the Gator Bowl tomorrow, along with other games through to the NCG.

The Gator Bowl Q and A with DawgSports

MaconDawg of Dawg Sports, the Georgia SBN community, took the time to answer the things we want to know about Georgia before tomorrow.

Huskers vs Bulldogs - By The Numbers!

Nebraska plays the Georgia Bulldogs in the Gator Bowl on New Year's Day. It's great exposure and should be a great game. Here are the important numbers you need to know before game. (Hint: Amaze your friends!)

Podcast time! Detasseling The Gator Bowl.

Greg and Brian cap off the 2013 podcast year with their questions about the Gator Bowl, and the answers they came up with.

Should Pelini Stop Media Access To Assistants?

Bo Pelini has mentioned eliminating media access to his assistant coaches. If he believes that's a way to eliminate distractions and build a winning program, then he should go ahead and do it.

Randy Gregory Plans to Return in 2014; No NFL Yet

In other news from the Gator Bowl, it sounds like sophomore defensive end Randy Gregory plans to return in 2014. So will Kevin Williams. And Bo Pelini talks a little about the Mack Brown rumor.

Martinez out for Gator, Moss/Afalava stay home

Two defenders do not make the trip to Jacksonville, while Taylor is ruled out.


This is the worst Husker gift guide ever in the history of mankind, but it's Christmas Eve, and you're desperate. So, you'll still read it. I mean... Bo Pelini flavored vodka?

Gator Bowl: Why Watch? Three Reasons!

National SBNation dude Dan Rubenstein gives everyone three reasons to watch!

2013 in Review: Suggesting Changes in the Huskers

First, the CornNation team looked at what was right and wrong with the Nebraska football program. Now, with all that in mind, what changes are in order?

2013 In Review: What's Wrong with the Huskers?

The easy answer is to blame injuries. And that's certainly a big part of the answer. But even if you factor out the injuries, the Huskers still had issues. In part 1, we looked at what went right. Now the CN team looks at where problems exist.

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