Nebraska Football Podcast

B1G Conference Call: Rutgers


The New Jersey school coming to the Big Ten Conference gets their turn on the podcast block. Kevin Recio of OTB comes on and does a fantastic job.

Interview w/ Nebraska Wide Receiver Kenny Bell


Senior Nebraska wide receiver chats with the VSH crew to answer questions about the life of a student-athlete, the quarterback race, Jayskers, individual and team expectations for next season, the...

Big Red Cobcast: The Mark Emmert* Interview


Who else to talk to about the NCAA than the "head of the NCAA"?

B1G Conference Call: Maryland


It's time to introduce ourselves to Maryland Athletics. For that, David Tucker of Testudo Times, the Maryland SBNation community stops by the CN studios.

Ty talks to 93.7 The Ticket about Tim Beck


Our own Ty Peteranez talked to Mike Welch of 93.7 KNTK in Lincoln today to discuss his interview with Huskers OC Tim Beck.

Big Red Cobcast Ep. 18 "Money, Money, Money"


We talk about paying players and then we fight to the death. One of these statements is a lie.

B1G Conference Call: Ohio State


We continue our Big Ten Conference Summer podcast series as we sit down with Matt Brown of LGHL to talk Buckeye sports.

B1G Conference Call: Purdue


Time to get the state of the Purdue Athletic Department. For that, we go to the main man of the Hammer & Rails SBNation community.

Kenny Bell lied to me...


...Well all of us and there is not a single Martinez that plays for the Huskers. It feels weird.

B1G Conference Call: Iowa


It's time to kick off the summer Corn Nation podcast series. To lead it off, we get one of the lead men of BHGP to talk Iowa sports.

Vine St. Hooligans Podcast - Episode 4


The Hooligans play the $15 game to put together their all-time Husker football offense, compare B1G football teams to their World Cup counterparts, discuss Memorial Stadium improvements, look ahead...

Big Red Cobcast: Rants, Baseball and Callahan


Y'know who sucks? Bill Callahan.

The Big Red Cobcast Ep. 15


We are joined by Husker legend Mike Canale (Disclaimer: Mike is not a Husker legend.)

The Big Red Cobcast: Joe's Back, Bits And More!


This is a great episode full of so many laughs you won't be able to actually hear the podcast over your own chuckles!

Big Red Cobcast: Interview with P.J. Smith


This week the Big Red Cobcast interviews former Husker safety P.J.Smith!

Big Red Cobcast: A Hodgepodge Of Disorganization


The guys are back this week with another podcast, this time they talk about so many things that they cannot be listed but some of them are PJ Smith, Money and cops.

Vine St. Hooligans Podcast Ep. 3: Ft. Mike Welch


Do we need to break the bank for Tim Miles? How different is "Spring Bo" compared to "Fall Bo"? Do people outside of Nebraska know what a "Creighton" is? Do sports fans in Nebraska "live in a...

Big Red Cobcast: Real Nebraska Girls


This week I am still in Lincoln wandering around my old stomping grounds, holding a few screenings of "Through These Gates" and playing more Frisbee Golf than my fiancé is happy about. On the...

Big Red Cobcast: Spring Game Action and Debate!


This week, Ryan is in Lincoln to take in the spring game and left his partner Joe back in Los Angeles with the sunny weather.

Podcast: #CROOTIN with 247's Mike Schaefer


We sat down in the studio with one of the main men at Nebraska's 247 site to talk about commits, numbers, and what's going on with

Big Red Cobcast: Nebraska Spring Game Predictions


Ryan and Joe are back with episode nine of the Big Red Cobcast podcast. They make their spring game predictions and predict the entire 2014 season. Has someone been drinking koolaid?

Corn Nation Takes Over The Big Red Cobcast


Corn Nation is excited to announce a partnership with the creative minds of the Big Red Cobcast. Prepare yourself for more laughter in the months to come!

DTH RETURNS! Episode 59!


The boys are back on the microphones.

The Vine St. Hooligans Podcast


Corn Nation's newest podcast debuts. The first show includes an interview with ESPN 1480's Nick Gregath and a discussion about Nebrasketball.

Podcast time! Detasseling The Gator Bowl.


Greg and Brian cap off the 2013 podcast year with their questions about the Gator Bowl, and the answers they came up with.

Detasseling The Huskers: Episode 57


It's been a while since Greg and Brian did their thing. But, they leave nothing to chance and talk about the past 10 days in Huskers sports.

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