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Kenny Bell Gonna Slap Your Face! (It's About Technique)


Nebraska wide receiver Kenny Bell says he'll slap the next Husker fan that says something to him about his quarterback. There's a right way and a wrong way to go about such things.

Cob Of the Week: Nebraska, Nebraska, Tim Beck, Texas A&M?


The worst performances of the week, as voted on by Corn Nation readers. Nominees are mostly Nebraska - Tim Beck



CORN NATION MAILBAG IS BACK --- BROTHER!! Readers want to know what's really who has the Big 10's hottest chicks and the Sheen Roast.

Cob Of the Week: Cy's Broken Arm, Tulsa AD Bubba Cunningham, Matt Millen, and KU's Defense


Nominees for the worst performances from last week go to Tulsa's Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham, announcer Matt Millen, UConn fans for breaking the Iowa State mascot's arm, and the Kansas...

Husker Sombrero Guy - Good, Bad, Or Ugly?


An oddly-dressed fan has been showing up at Nebraska football games. He could be good, bad, or ugly, depending upon his nature. And that's the question - which is he?

Cobs of the Week - Gary "Iceman" Pinkel, Kirk "Play for OT" Ferentz, The Pac-12, The Big Ten, And the Entire State of Indiana


Each work Corn Nation picks the lousiest performances across the nation and puts them together, letting you vote on which one wins "Cob of the Week"!

Cob of the Week: Brian Kelly goes Pelini, Mother Nature, ~ESPN~, and auditioning for a BCS conference.


Corn Nation's Cob of the Week this week include ESPN, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly, mother nature, and Kansas State and Iowa State for barely beating lower division opponents.

OMG I'm in love! Why did Nebraska have to leave the Big XII! EcoKat is so hot!


Nebraska will regret leaving the Big XII because of her. Will A&M?

Big Ten Championship Trophy Shiny, Confusing


The New Big Ten Championship Trophy has been revealed, and there is nothing like it, ever anywhere!

Texas A&M to leave Big XII on Tuesday to form "A&M and the 7 dwarfs" Conference.


The Universities in Texas save us again!

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