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Urban Meyer New Ohio State Coach, Bo Pelini Denies Interest - What Do You Think?


Ohio State will name Urban Meyer their new head coach. Nebraska's Bo Pelini was first said to have interviewed, but denies interest. What do you think?

Cob of the Week: SEC Cupcakes, Husker Not So Special Teams, And Whack Job Husker Fans


The SEC dined on cupcakes last week and they must have tasted awful. Still, they were rewarding. Is that worse than Nebraska's special teams, or nutball Husker fans calling for Bo Pelini's job?

Cob Of The Week: Mostly Nebraska, but BTN Gets A Mention


Nebraska gets a heavy dose of nominations for this week's Cob Of The Week. BTN gets a mention as does the stupid things we do to ourselves when our team loses.

On The Street: Is There Something Missing from Nebraska Football This Season?


Despite Nebraska's success on the field, there appears to be something missing from the season. For some it may not matter, but for most it is the reason for the passion in sports. Wonder what...

Cob Of The Week: Is There Any Choice But Iowa? (HINT: ONE)


Come vote for the worst performance of the week (cough cough Iowa cough). Nominees include Iowa, Iowa, Iowa, Kirk Ferentz, Iowa, and Clemson or Iowa, and ESPN or Iowa.

Cob of the Week: Oklahoma's Travis Lewis, Unfaithful OU Fans, Bielema's Time Outs, ABC, Lee Corso and Tim Tebow


Corn Nation's nominees for the worst performances of the past weekend include: Oklahoma's Travis Lewis for having a big mouth, OU fans for leaving early, Tim Tebow, ABC, and Lee Corso.

Occupy TCF Bank Stadium - Underway!


Husker fans, er, red hordes, plan to occupy Minnesota's TCF Bank Stadium tomorrow, declaring their fan superiority and willingness to travel anywhere!

Cob Of The Week: Ron Zook, Cheap Shot Artist William Gholston, Illinois Defense, Michigan's Al Borges


Your vote for worst performance of last week? The nominees are Ron Zook, Michigan State's William Gholston, Illinois' defense, and Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges

Questions To Ask Bo Pelini At A Post Game Presser


The Nebraska media seems to have a love-hate relationship with Bo Pelini. Perhaps it would help if they asked better questions at the post game press conferences. CN has several suggestions for them.

Cob of the Week: Dirk Chatelain, Husker Fans Who Left Early, Texas Tech Fans And Manure, Bad Announcing and Colorado


The worst performances of the week - nominees are OWH reporter Dirk Chatelain, Husker fans who left early and missed the comeback over Ohio State, Texas Tech fans, bad announcing by Matt Millen and...

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