Corn Flakes

Flakes: Big Ten Baseball This Weekend!

The lowdown on the Big Ten baseball series coming up this weekend along with other news you need to know!

Flakes: Nebraska Baseball Smashes UNO And FSU

Nebraska baseball smashed UNO and Florida State and the Tallahassee Police Department are taking hits from everyone. That and more news!

Corn Flakes: Let Them Eat Cake?

Yesterday the NCAA legislative council voted to give all NCAA athletes, walk-ons or not, unlimited meals and snacks instead of just the three meals a day or free food vouchers. That and news!

Flakes: Not A Witty Day Today

Nothing, really. I got nothing.

Big Ten Baseball, Vote For Tom And A Bag Man

What's happening with the Big Ten this week? You need to vote for Tom Osborne, and there's a certain story about a SEC Bag Man that you should not only read, but share with everyone else.

Flakes: Nebraska Spring Football Coming To An End

Nebraska had their last practice of spring ball. The offseason is nearly upon us. That and a lot of other news.

Flakes: Nebraska Basketball All About Ref Rage?

Nebraska basketball ranked high on the REF RAGE meter, the highest of any team in the NCAA tournament. That and other news, like things call riots. The bar is really low for things we call riots these days.

Flakes: College Football Is Big Business?

Alabama's athletic revenues last year, which totaled $143 million, exceeded those of all 30 NHL teams and 25 of the 30 NBA teams. Did you know that? That, and more of the news you need to know!

Flakes: Big Ten Baseball Series Loom Large

There's some good series coming up this weekend in Big Ten baseball. That and the rest of the news you need to know!

Flakes: Where's The Buzz Around Nebraska Football?

Is there something missing from Nebraska football this spring? Or are things looking a whole lot better? That and other news you need to know!


Flakes: The Best Practical Joke I Ever Pulled

A story of the best practical joke I ever pulled, some relevant news, and of course, some other April Fool's jokes from around SBNation.

Today's Creighton News and Links

ALLLLLL the Creighton worthy news and notes you will need today.

Flakes: Final Four, Baseball, Softball

The Final Four is set. Nebraska baseball lost a series to UNLV over the weekend, but the softball team took their series against Northwestern. That and all the news you want!

To My Children - Old People Are Full Of Lies

I don't have flakes today. Instead, you get a diatribe, because, man, sometimes it's just gotta get out of me. I'm not going to tell you all about my children. That's too much information. Suffice...


Yesterday the NLRB ruled that Northwestern players could unionize. Then all the shouting started.

Flakes: Baseball Beats the Shockers!

Nebraska baseball took a good road game from the Wichita State Shockers! That and all the other news you need for today!

Flakes: You Got Your Bracket Done?

Today - madness, Nebrasketball, and brackets. Along with some football!

Flakes: A Funny Headline Goes Here!

All the news you want for today!

Meet Coach Warren!

"That sounds like two friggin' pillows hitting! It's tackle, we have pads on! Hit!" - Coach Warren

Flakes: Nebrasketball Takes A Big Step Forward

Being selected to the NCAA tournament is a big step forward for the Nebraska basketball program. Winning it's first NCAA tournament game would be another.

Flakes: NU vs OSU - Onward to Big Ten Glory!

The Nebrasketball talk surrounding the Big Ten Tournament is all about whether or not this Husker team will make it into the NCAA tournament. I say screw that. Why not seal the deal, rid ourselves...

Flakes: Jamal Turner: QB, WR, DR, Attorney?

Jamal Turner is a wide receiver. Alex Lewis might be good. Randy Gregory has only scratched the surface of what he could become. That and much much more (in the news today).

Corn Flakes - Is Down But Not Out

I went this entire winter without getting sick and the moment Nebraska wins the Big Ten's women tourney and the men knock off Wisconsin I'm hit with a head cold. Bottom line - I'm tired and not...

Corn Flakes: We Solid In Nebrasketball

Nebraska basketball is fourth in the conference. Fourth. That means we get a bye in the Big Ten tournament, and if there's any more "bubble" talk, it should go away. Wisconsin was #9. Is that...


It's a huge weekend for Husker sports. HUGE. HUMONGOUS. MASSIVE.

Flakes: Basketball In Fourth Place!

Iowa lost to Michigan State last night, so the Huskers are in sole possession of fourth place in the Big Ten conference, a position they can maintain by beating Wisconsin Sunday!

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