Nebraska Husker Football

The Saturday Osborne-Callahan Meeting

I'm not sure, but I think Nebraska fans are more interested in Saturday's meeting between Tom Osborne and Bill Callahan than tomorrow's Nebraska-Colorado matchup.  Will Callahan survive?  Does the...

Bill Callahan - Unsuccessful But No Turkey

Couldn't help but notice released their 2007 Turkeys of the Year. There are 22 of them which seems like quite a few. Who's That Turkey? Who's not on the list? Bill Callahan, that's who.W...

2007 College Football Predictions Week 13

Wacky, crazy, nutty butty year but still lots left, including the greatest weekend of the year.I haven't seen the clamoring and screaming for a playoff system this year. Did all you playoff-wanting...

Under the Hood: Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Colorado Buffaloes

So... here we are against the Buffs.The Colorado Buffaloes Schedule:Colorado State - W 31-28 OT @Arizona State - L 14-33 Florida State - L - 6-16 Miami, Ohio - W - 42-0 Oklahoma - W - 27-24 @Baylor...

Who's That Guy? Colorado's #44 - Jordon Dizon!

It happens every game. You're watching the TV and some guy is continually making plays for the other team. You didn't think it possible, but the guy is some kind of machine or he's having a great...

Bill Callahan's Last Words?

The last words from Bill?Yesterday Bill Callahan may have given his last press conference as the head coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, as he's closed the rest of his practices to the media this...

What Would YOU Do If You Were in Tom Osborne's Shoes?

Many fans think they know what Tom Osborne will do with the Nebraska football coaching staff.  Many fans think Tom Osborne already knows what he is going to do.  Some fans even wish that Tom...

Tom Osborne - Savior Or Curse?

Osborne - Savior or Curse? Source:(Every Day Should be Saturday) This week while on vacation I got the chance to reconnect with one of my cousins, who's back farming in Western Nebraska and...

Nebraska State Playoffs Still Great Stuff

One of the things I love about deer season is that it coincides with Nebraska's state football playoffs. There's a lot of great football happening over at Memorial Stadium, all televised by NETV,...

2007 College Football Predictions - Week 11

Dixon goes down and with him goes Oregon's season. Arizona's first half was something to behold last night, wasn't it?I'm surprised how few people are talking about Oklahoma for the BCS title game....

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