Nebraska Husker Football

NFL Draft Day One: No Huskers Taken

There have been no Huskers taken on the first day of the NFL draft. I find it surprising that Carl Nicks is still available, I thought that we would at least be taken by the middle of the second...

The Zooker Takes on the "So-Called Recruiting Gurus"

Looks like Blankman and I were simultaneously posting the same story...  Be sure to read his take as a former contributor to Scout. Illinois coach Ron Zook doesn't like the new "Saban Rule" that...

Zook's Chakras out of Alignment

Turns out that Illinois Head Coach Ron Zook ain’t that big of a fan when it comes to recruiting sites.  Said Zook via the Arlington Heights (Ill.) Daily Herald, "We're turning the recruiting over...

Nebraska Defensive Line Must Improve for 2008 To Be Successful

Just some more comments on what I saw that the spring game last weekend.The defensive line did a decent job of standing their ground, so either they're better or the offensive line isn't near as...

Huskers in the 2008 NFL Draft

New Era Scouting has released a NFL draft guide that includes their own mock draft. Given all the talent that Bill Callahan was supposed to have brought in, there isn't a whole lot going on for the...

2008 Nebraska Spring Revival Meeting A Huge Succcess

The Spring Revival meetin’ was insane. It really was  - I headed down to campus around 9:00 am to get a parking spot for the day and to get some pictures for an upcoming book. I did a tour around...

2008 Nebraska Spring Game: For What Will We Cheer?

The first play of the first spring game with new head coach Bill Callahan in 2004 was a play-action pass. Joe Dailey reared back and threw the ball deep. Husker fans cheered loudly and the pass...

The Nebraska Way

One year ago, the phrase "The Nebraska Way" burst into the scene in the title of a little golf outing before the spring game.  The outing was organized by former Husker football players to honor...

2008 Nebraska Spring Game Rosters Announced - Who Will You Be Watching?

Ooooooooh... the Spring Game team rosters have been announced. You can find them by uniform order at, below I've put them in order by position - thought that might be more useful. Red...

Carl Pelini Can Answer The Phone At 3:00 AM

Ah, spring time, a time of rebirth, of things anew, a time at which all the snow melts to reveal a winter’s worth of what the neighbor’s dog has done in my yard! For Husker fans it’s a time to...

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