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Steve Pederson Fired - Nebraskans Party in the Streets


As I'm sure you all know by now, Harvey Perlman has fired Steve Pederson. Well, technically he asked him to resign and he did, but why split hairs. It's not VJ Day by a long shot, but...

Week 7 Husker Report Card: Oklahoma State


I thought about not running this feature this week, since I think we all know where this is going...  But just for the sake of consistency... Think this isn't part of the problem? Offensive...

Nebraska - Oklahoma State Post Game Reaction: Time For A Change


Normally I'd call these posts an "over-reaction", but the problem is you have to care enough to over-react. This Husker team today clearly showed that they're not beyond complete embarrassment,...

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma State: A Test of Boyhood?


I walked into a customer site this week and had an ran into a couple guys I haven't seen in a while. One of them is the happiest human being I've ever met, the kind of person that literally...

Under The Hood: Nebraska vs Oklahoma State - Why Bother?


Under the Hood - Oklahoma State Cowboys Oklahoma State comes into Lincoln at 3-3, 0-3 on the road. Both teams lost last weekend, Nebraska getting a butt-whipping the worst of which I can remember....

2007 College Football Week 7 Predictions


It's past time to be looking ahead to the Oklahoma State Cowboys, although it's hard to put the ass-kicking by Pinkel's boys of your mind. I certainly hope that's not the case for the Huskers this...

Interview: Johnny Rodgers - What's Wrong with the Huskers


I interviewed 1972 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Rodgers as part of his promotion for the Alltel HuskerFest Event being put on by Alltel Wireless tomorrow night. The event is Free from 6:00 pm to...

So What Are You REALLY Thinking, HuskerNation?


After the Iowa State game, I met up briefly with Corn Blight and said that if the Huskers didn't improve significantly, they might go 0-for-October.  He poo-poo'ed that talk at that time, but now...

Big 12 Roundtable - The Aftermath


This week's roundtable is being hosted by KSU blog Bring on the Cats.The Aftermath, apparently the title of a post-apocalyptic nightmare in which we're currently living. Who can fix this thing? ...

Vs Mizzou: Rushing Three Did Not Kill Nebraska


Rushing three guys against Missouri didn't work, did it? It reminded me of the defenses I've seen here in Minnesota for the past 20 years - drop back and hope you can slow down the other offense...

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