Conference Realignment

Maryland and Rutgers Join the Big Ten. Will there be any others?

Texas Saves the Big 12 - Good for Them


Texas saves the Big 12. Good for them! Everyone comes out ahead of where they started when this conference realignment fiasco began. That's a positive!

Nebraska To the Big 10: Pulling the Plug Ain't the Same As Killing


Nebraska did not kill the BIg 12. The Huskers merely pulled the plug on it. Somebody had to do it, right?

Nebraska Accepts An Invitation to Join The Big 10


Nebraska has officially accepted an invitation to join the Big 10 conference.

Does Nebraska Officially Join the Big 10 Today? - Open Thread


The University of Nebraska Regents Board will meet Friday at 1:00 pm central to officially discuss joining the Big 10 conference. Discuss!

The Death of the Big 12 & Big 10 Mayhem - Reactions Around The Country


Reactions from around the country about conference realignment. It's all nuts, that's what it is.

Colorado Joins the Pac 10 Before Nebraska Leaves - Does Colorado Get the Blame For Breaking Up the Big 12?


Colorado Officially Accepts a Pac-10 invitation, meaning they'll leave the Big 12 before Nebraska. But do they get the blame for breaking up the conference?

I'll Believe Nebraska Has Joined The Big 10 When I Hear It From Tom Osborne


Nebraska is on the verge of joining the Big 10. It's been reported, but it hasn't happened yet. Husker fans can be assure that Tom Osborne will let us know what's going on, sooner than you think.

Huskers Join the Big 10 As Soon As Friday


Reports of Nebraska's move to the Big Ten are becoming stronger and stronger, and it's becoming more of an issue of when than if. That when could be later this week.

Will Colorado Be the First Big 12 Team To Join the Pac 10?


Colorado may be poised to accept an invitation to the Pac 10 before Texas politics can determine that Baylor must be included in any conference expansion package.

If the Big 12 Were A Ship, Would She Be Titanic?


Bad analogies shouldn't be used to describe what's happening to the Big 12 conference, as it prepares for a break up.

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