Conference Realignment

New Big Ten Divisions: "The Game" Unchanged - My Greatest Fear Unrealized

The Big Ten Conference has announced new divisions and the 2011-2012 schedules. Despite a disruption of decades of tradition, Nebraska is not being blamed for the change. For that, Husker fans should be very happy.

Big Ten Divisions - Announcement, Rumor, Speculation - Open Thread

Big Ten Division alignments are set to be announced at 6:00 pm Wednesday evening on Big Ten Network.

Big Ten's Nine-Game Conference Schedule: Good News, Bad News

Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany knows what he wants. He wants a Big Ten Championship game in 2011 and a nine-game conference schedule in 2013. What will that do to the quality of college football?

How Will Husker Fans Get the Big Ten Network?

Husker fans might be interested in getting the Big Ten Network before Nebraska officially joins the Big Ten. Here's how they can get the network.

Nebraska's Last Year in the Big 12: The T-Shirt Contest

Husker fans need something to celebrate their last season in the Big 12! That calls for a good t-shirt!

Questions From the Big Ten Network For Husker Fans

The Big Ten Network is looking for some input from Husker fans about what Big 10 fans should do when they come to Lincoln, what Big 10 uniforms Husker fans like, and what Big 10 stadiums they're most interested in visiting. Help us out with some good responses!

Chip Brown: Expansion's Edward R. Murrow or Austin's Baghdad Bob?

Chip Brown has become either revered or reviled for his role in breaking the conference realignment story. Both positions have a basis in reality; it depends on what you want to focus on.

Big 10 Divisional Splits - How Is It Going To Work?

With Nebraska joining the Big 10, what will the divisional splits look like? Will the conference get split along east-west lines? Will Penn State move into a division with Nebraska? Will Minnesota get screwed once again?

Texas Saves the Big 12 - Good for Them

Texas saves the Big 12. Good for them! Everyone comes out ahead of where they started when this conference realignment fiasco began. That's a positive!

Nebraska To the Big 10: Pulling the Plug Ain't the Same As Killing

Nebraska did not kill the BIg 12. The Huskers merely pulled the plug on it. Somebody had to do it, right?

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